We live in strange times. It is possible today to have a conversation “in character” with a fictional TV character, further blurring the lines between what we believe is real and what is fantasy. Lloyd Simcoe (played by actor Jack Davenport) is one of the main characters in the ABC TV series “FlashForward“, which airs its final episode tonight. In the series, Simcoe is a physicist tasked with solving an equation (a formulation of Quantum Electrodynamics) in order to understand the Multiverse — multiple universes with branching futures — so as to prevent a global blackout of human consciousness and divert the world from ultimate destruction. All in a day’s work. Turns out all the characters in FlashForward have Twitter accounts, and are sending out tweets “in character.” @TameBear had the following brief conversation with @LloydSimcoe shortly after last week’s show…

TameBear @LloydSimcoe you nimbus, Dylan can help you solve that damn equation! #FlashForward
LloydSimcoe @TameBear your attitude is not appreciated… I’d like it if you wouldn’t talk to me in that manner #flashforward

TameBear @LloydSimcoe Work the dang equation, man, you’ve got less than a week. Ask @DylanSimcoe for help. My guess he likes writing in lipstick.
LloydSimcoe Good point. He did used to steal my wife’s when he was younger RT @TameBear My guess is @DylanSimcoe likes writing in lipstick #FlashForward

TameBear @DylanSimcoe can solve the QED so both @_MarkBenford and @LloydSimcoe can be with @Olivia_Benford in their own planes of the Multiverse.
(No response from LloydSimcoe.)

TameBear So @LloydSimcoe uses TwitBird on iPhone just like me. Interesting.
LloydSimcoe @TameBear I use a number of Twitter applications just to keep you blighters guessing :p though I do fancy twitbird #flashforward

To follow ALL the conversation on Twitter leading up to tonight’s finale, read the #FlashForward thread.

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