To celebrate this Christmas season, Tame Bear is pleased to present these two reprise podcasts of “TameBear Radio” from 2005 and 2006.

During a “sabbatical from church,” Tame Bear finds there is still great anticipation and wonder at the baby’s birth. What is this loneliness, this longing we cannot find words to express? Perhaps what we really long for, and what is not possible in this life, is for us to draw near to that manger, and see God with our own eyes.

Tame Bear presents an original audio podcast from 2oo5: A Year Without Church

In this Good Friday podcast, Tame Bear shares what he learned during a year-long “sabbatical” from church. For starters, there is a lot to like about NOT going to church.

The Bear believes we are self-aware eddies of light, awash in a vast ocean of light. The world around us is ultimately mysterious, deeply spiritual, and only vaguely knowable.

If the practice of church is a hinderance to deepening our knowledge of God, then perhaps we should refrain from the practice of church, and seek more effective ways of knowing God in the world at large.

Tame Bear presents an original audio podcast from 2oo6: Sabbatical From Church

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