In this week’s episode of “Flash Forward” (ABC), we learn about Dyson Frost’s “Garden of Forking Paths,” an enormous map sketched in chalk detailing multiple forks in his travels through time. Frost is in search of alternate futures, mostly a future where he lives past a particular date, but also a future where the whole planet manages to survive its own demise (presumably in Season 2, or farther out). We learn that Frost has been jumping back and forth through time for some 30 years, “sometimes 20 minutes into the future, sometimes 20 years.” And each time, he discovers different choices have been made, leading to an alternate future.

Here’s a short clip featuring the map on a wall behind FBI agent Dimitri Noh, who’s life, like Frost’s, also hangs in the balance. As Frost says, “One of us will die today.”

Garden of Forking Paths” – on YouTube.

Multiverse Wave Theory (MW-Theory) suggests we are made of light, and that the whole ensemble of our perceived universe is traveling in a time-like dimension at the speed of light. As it traverses superspace at light speed along it’s time-like path, the two-dimensional disk of our universe encounters other light-speed universes coursing on alternate paths through this superspace. All the distinct universes within the Multiverse are “Oceans of Light.” Each of these countless other “alternate universes” is passing through our own, their wavefronts causing subtle perturbations that ripple throughout all of them. Within our own universe, we are free to make choices, and with each decision, we pass from one universe into another. With each choice we make, moment by moment, the universe spreads out in multiple directions – each a near-perfect copy of its neighbor, each whole and complete unto itself – and all the universes and everything in them live on along separate diverging paths, traveling at light speed.

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