(Who Is Tame Bear?)

God knows I’m letting go
Of the pain that’s deep inside
God knows how hard it’s been and how I know how much I tried.

As we sail on down the street
In a multi-colored dream
One by one together we can learn to be free.

God knows how what I want is to wash away the deepest fear,
Feel the warmth of a new day.

And as I make my journey, I place my trust in you.
One eternal presence and the everlasting truth,
Your heavenly body,
You’re just like an angel to me.

– “God Knows What I Want” lyrics from the
   “Psychedelicatessen” album by Moodswings.

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  1. Sitting at work today, my usual listening to music while I run programs, augmented by my desire to create a playlist for this coming Saturday, when my wonderful partner returns from his genius math conference in Prague. He fancies my creating soundtracks for our drives and well, I like to share so it works. I was clipping through tracks, always enjoying this album, and listened to a few tracks, including ‘God Knows…’ I decided to search for lyrics as I wanted to hear the voice at the very end of the song more clearly. Well, regardless, how fitting your site. I am so thankful I am to have such a great person with whom to share my life, and it appears you are equally blessed. Thanks for being a fellow tech, spirit, nature person. I really enjoy your site.