You know, one of my favorite Traffic Exchanges is Traffic Ad Bar, and I use it nearly every single day to bring more visitors to my web site. Over the past few months that I have been using this mutual traffic exchange, no other source of traffic has brought me more visitors than Traffic Ad Bar.

Traffic Ad Bar just turned one year old. In an email from owner Darren Merrett, I’ve learned that Traffic Ad Bar has about 19,000 members — real good for it’s first year in business, but still with plenty of opportunity for membership growth over the next few years. Traffic Ad Bar delivers 140,000 visits per day to member web sites.

Easily earn points and move up the Ladder

The Traffic Ad Bar Level Ladder

Like all TEs, Traffic Ad Bar sends visitors to your web site based on how many other member sites you visit. Over the past three months, Traffic Ad Bar has brought over 52,000 new visitors to my own web site!

What sets Traffic Ad Bar apart from other TEs is the way it creates friendly competition among members, using a ranking pyramid it calls “the Level Ladder“. Every new member starts at the bottom and earns their way up through successive levels of the pyramid, just by surfing other web sites each day. It’s easy to move up six or seven or eight levels within the first few weeks of joining.

Every three days the Level Ladder is reset, and members move up or down based on how many other member sites they’ve visited. Each visit earns points that are applied to your own site. Members earn up to 10 points per click.

In addition to using the mutual traffic exchange, Traffic Ad Bar has other ways for you to earn points. Links to your member sites are sent in daily emails to members, and clicking those links earns more points than the regular traffic exchange. You can also run Traffic Ad Bar text ads on your own web site and earn more points that way. (See the text ads in the far right column on this page?) And you can also frame any web page with those text ads to earn even more points… here’s an example.

As with other Traffic Exchanges, you can earn more points by bringing more members in and building your “downline.” Then you earn a percentage of additional points from the pages your referrals visit. With so many different ways to earn points it’s really fun to see how high you can get on the Level Ladder!

Membership is free, though you can earn more points (lots more points!) by upgrading to paid membership. NOTE: It makes sense to pay for membership in a traffic exchange if you’re using it to build your list and build your brand.

Paid members earn 25-200 points per click. The best deal (what The Bear chooses!) is annual “Platinum” membership. Paid membership gets my web site priority in the surf bar as well as in text ad placement across thousands of other member sites. My Platinum membership also earns 5,000 additional points every three days – that’s a whole lot more members viewing my pages without any additional effort on my part.

With all these ways to earn points and move up the Level Ladder, it’s no wonder that today The Bear is on Level 11 (of 16 levels), and still moving higher!

Traffic Ad Bar is a great way to get more people to visit your web site, and continues to be my #1 recommended traffic exchange.

Happy Birthday, Traffic Ad Bar! It’s just one year young, so if you want to get in early on one of the most exciting traffic exchanges on the internet today and build your own powerful downline, I invite you to Join the Tame Bear Team at Traffic Ad Bar! Come surf with me and you’ll move up the Level Ladder too.

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Thanks :D — yours truly, Tame Bear

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