The Bear has just finished reading Alex Vilenkin’s Many Worlds In One (Hill and Wang, 2006). The book is subtitled “The Search for Other Universes” and describes Vilenkin’s theory of infinitely many island universes emerging through a process of quantum tunneling out of nothing, in a sea of finite unbounded inflationary spacetime which has no beginning in time, and no end. Vilenkin is one of the most gifted cosmologists of our time, and his theories are among several currently vying for contention as the most apt description of reality.

Though there are many ideas in this book worthy of study, here are two in particular I’ll quote and comment on…

Time, Things, and Motion – It appears that motion was created simultaneously with the creation of the universe, and without it, we would have no time.

Fundamental Laws – Does mind predate the creation of the universe?

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