Just believing in nonduality is similar to believing in other religions. Actually experiencing nonduality moment by moment is where it’s at.

Hearing, seeing, touching, and other perceptions are happening. Experiencing these things demands a me” to do the experiencing. Duality.

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To experience the sensuous being of all-that-is requires thought, applying meaning, using words. Thought, meaning, and words require a “me.”

The “me” doing the thinking and experiencing — using words to describe experience and giving it meaning — is not separate from all-that-is.

A me that appears to be separate from everything else is fiction. Dawning enlightenment sees “me” as an inseparable part of all-that-is.

What is this feeling of longing when we behold something beautiful in nature? It is the secret knowing within us that… we are that.

Look at anyone and anything around you in the world, all of it — cool, ugly, mean, or beautiful to behold. Moment by moment, you are that.

When you can experience moment-by-moment all-that-is without interposing “me” upon it, then you know, ever so briefly, who you really are.

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