The new ebook "Oceans of Light: A Users Guide to the Multiverse" is now available at just $1.99!

“Oceans of Light”
  by Peter Oakley


Today I am pleased to announce the publication of “Oceans of Light: A Users Guide to the Multiverse” by Peter Oakley. This first “ebook” on Multiverse Wave Theory is a short introduction in three parts…

  • INTO THE LIGHT – Everything we perceive of the material world, including ourselves, is made of light, and is moving through spacetime at light speed. (Also known as the “To Be Or Not To Be” conjecture.)
  • CHOICES, CHOICES – Every moment is a decision point, and every choice we make deflects our conscious awareness into an alternative universe. All possible choices exist simultaneously in a Multiverse – multiple universes in an overlapping, interpenetrating and interlocking state of being. (Also known as the “To Do Or Not To Do” conjecture.)
  • RIDING WAVES – The light that we and all things are made of exists simultaneously and without paradox as both particle and wave. As particles, light comprises the physical stuff we are made of; and as waves, light comprises all the ephemeral sensory processing, thoughts, and dreams of our conscious mind. There exists a unity of light, mind, and body. Our consciousness exists as repeating waves in oceans of light. (Also known as the “To Create And Be Created” conjecture.)

Here’s the sales blurb to give you more idea what the book is about:

“Welcome to the Multiverse, an energetic realm where countless universes beyond our own sweep across billion light-year arcs of spacetime, swirling veils washing like waves over and through us, interpenetrating, interacting with our material world, altering past and future in a lively dance of light and possibility. Learn to ride these waves from one universe to the next, in worlds without end.”

Buy “Oceans of Light” at for just $1.99 — what a deal! Or get it when it becomes available soon at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony, and the Apple iBook Store.

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