I am greatly indebted to Alan Watts for introducing me to many new ideas in Oriental Philosophy — eastern religious and spiritual thought. Through listening to the “Alan Watts Podcast” I’ve learned a great deal about Buddhism, Hinduism, Zen, and  Taoism; and I am arriving at a new understanding about concepts such as the ego, the nature of time, contemplating death, spiritual enlightenment or awakening, and the deep mystery of non-duality. These are all subjects I intend to explore in greater depth on these pages.

I began listening to Alan Watts in 2004, in the midst of producing the “TameBear Radio” podcasts, which also coincided with my “Sabbatical from Church.”

Alan Watts was one of the most renowned philosophers of the twentieth century, and was instrumental in introducing western culture to the ideas and religious outlook of the east. Read more about Alan Watts on Wikipedia. The same podcasts I listened to five years ago are still available for free — subscribe to the Alan Watts Podcast in iTunes.

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