Ok so here’s the deal. Tame Bear has had a Facebook page since mid-December 2009, in “stealth mode,” using an alias and applying best geek judgement to set all Facebook privacy settings (available at the time) as tight as possible. I use Facebook to visit with family members in a private group… and that’s it.

THE CHALLENGE: See if you can OUT ME on Facebook! Winner of this challenge must provide the unique username I am using on Facebook, and demonstrate the exact path of public information on the Internet that led you to discover my identity. NOTE: No social engineering allowed! I don’t want any fake air conditioner repairmen chatting up my second cousins to divulge my Facebook username, got it? You  must find me through clues on this web site, or in my podcasts, or on other web sites; use the search engines, YouTube, forum posts, comments on other blogs; and of course you’ll probably need to scour Facebook to track me down.

I don’t think you’re gonna find me. At least I hope you don’t. Because if you do, then 100 million other Facebook users who don’t necessarily care as much as I do about security and privacy should be concerned, very concerned.

Winner must present their evidence publicly so that anyone else can follow the information trail and links to find me. The qualified winner must be the first person to post a comment to this blog, and either describe how they found me, or include a link to such description on their own web site, blog or Facebook page. I will be awarding prizes to

  • FIRST PLACE: The first person to out me on Facebook!
  • SECOND PLACE: The person who, in The Bear’s estimation, attempts the most clever or audacious hack to out me.
  • THIRD PLACE: The person who brings the most embarrassing attention to Facebook for having outted me.

First Place Prize will be a beautifully framed 16″ x 20″ photograph from Wisdom Road, winner’s choice, professionally matted and framed, ready to hang, and shipped or personally delivered to the first place winner. (Value: $119.00 US)

Second and Third Place Prizes will be 11″ x 14″ matted and framed photographs from Wisdom Road, also winner’s choice. (Value: $49.00 each US)

There is no deadline, whoever wins first (and second and third among the running) takes first prize, uh, whenever, ok?

Here’s to the winners! And may NO ONE WIN!

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