In a remarkably well-articulated story by Huffington Post blogger Robert Lanza, we are given a tour of recent research and contemporary thought into the nature of time. From the paradox of motion passing through many moments of time (like individual frames in a movie); Heisenberg’s inevitable uncertainties as to location and direction of moving objects; to the aging process and ultimately the death of our biocentric awareness.

Lanza has a theory that space and time as we know it do not exist as actual properties of the world but are concepts that we create in our minds. They are “forms of animal intuition.” A way of thinking that does not exist apart from our thinking.

Our power to create within this conceptual framework of spacetime is now beginning to be observed in experimentation. It appears we can alter the past — to some measurable degree — by the choices we are making now. Experiments just within the past few years are “demonstrating that quantum behavior could nudge into the ordinary world of human-scale objects.”

Lanza conjectures…

…immortality doesn’t mean perpetual (linear) existence in time but resides outside of time altogether. Life is a journey that transcends our classical way of thinking. Experiment after experiment continues to suggest that we create time, not the other way around. Without consciousness, space and time are nothing.

Here’s the link to the full article; read it slowly like a heady glass of good scotch:

Is Death the End? Experiments Suggest You Create Time

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