Those who follow @TameBear on Twitter may have already seen this, or perhaps it was inadvertently buried in a flood of other messages flowing by in your river of info. Here they are all together in one place — 8 tweets describing “Multiverse Wave Theory” (aka: MW-Theory):

Picture yourself as a blob of photons moving through space at lightspeed. And everything else you see moving right along with you. Reality.
1:06 PM May 16th via TwitBird iPhone

As we move through space at lightspeed, we undergo Lorentz contraction in direction of travel; 3D space goes 2D. We are a wavefront of light.
1:24 PM May 16th via TwitBird iPhone

Within this planar wavefront of light all appears to be normal 3D, yes? But there remains one dimension with no “depth” we can see. Time.
1:29 PM May 16th via TwitBird iPhone

The dimension of time has no length, width or breadth we can see, and yet it is the one direction we are all moving in together.
1:32 PM May 16th via TwitBird iPhone

We are traveling at lightspeed along the dimension of Time, compressed to a gossamer wavefront of light. A single plane in the Multiverse.
1:36 PM May 16th via TwitBird iPhone

Welcome to the Multiverse, an energetic realm where countless universes beyond our own sweep across billion light-year arcs of spacetime.
1:45 PM May 16th via TwitBird iPhone

For more, read “Oceans of Light: A Users Guide to the Multiverse” by Peter Oakley ~
1:46 PM May 16th via TwitBird iPhone

Here’s a brief explanation of the Lorentz contraction for any who are not already familiar with the concept.

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