Robert Anton Wilson presents the concept of “reality tunnels” to explain how intelligence is evolving by studying itself.

Here are a few key points to watch for:

  • “Knowledge wherever it’s discovered is traveling over the whole world faster and faster.”
  • “Yoga is the science of the East. Science is the yoga of the West.” ~John Lilly
  • Hermeticism, as taught by mystics starting in the early 1500s, “… saw theology as its enemy, and there was no conflict between hermeticism and science.”
  • “The hermetic tradition says there is no such thing as pure reason.”
  • “You’ve got to work on your own perceiving apparatus to correct your predjudices.”
  • “The scientist is not separate from what the scientist observes.”
  • Antropologists studying lost civilizations discovered alternative reality tunnels. “… No matter what reality tunnel you live in the world will organize itself in your perceptions to be compatible with that reality tunnel.”
  • “Science began to have data to look at science itself, critically.”
  • “That’s how intelligence increases – when intelligence looks at intelligence and criticizes intelligence.”
  • Albert Hoffman’s profound experience in 1942.
  • “There is no objective reality separate from us.” ~Albert Hoffman
  • With the advent of quantum mechanics, “… Physicists discovered that the atomic world is just not describable in terms of Aristotelian logic.”
  • “Intelligence can be raised, consciousness can be altered, nothing is static all we gotta do is learn to change our nervous system so we can go to wider and wider reality tunnels and bigger and bigger levels of perception and so on.”
  • “If you’re a politician, the last thing you want is intelligence increase.”
  • Intelligence studying intelligence – finding out how your nervous system works.
  • Once you understand that there are many different reality tunnels you can compare, and choose between reality tunnels.

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  1. Tame Bear says:

    Since I’ve been learning another language (French) this past year, I’ve come to understand better what Dorothy Yoder Nyce means when she says “To know one religion is to know none.” Without the benefit of comparison, you have no sense of the larger context. This is what Wilson is getting at when he talks about alternative reality tunnels.

    Once you have taken it upon yourself to directly experience altered states (via chemistry or yogic practice) you have a basis for comparing different reality tunnels, you can examine the mechanisms behind their formation, and you’ll begin to understand how to boost your own intelligence.

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