David Abramowitz has posted a speculation on Macintouch that The Bear thinks is just way cool…

Imagine an iPad that you dock. When it’s docked, it is a fully-functional Macintosh computer. And when you rip it off the dock it’s back into iOS mode as a fully-functional iPad. How cool is that!

So then the dock itself is similar to a Mac Mini, and the docked iPad functions as its display. That is just such an outstanding idea! And suppose that whenever you “dock” your iPad, it automatically syncs. Way cool.

David A. — fantastic idea. Sure wish that would be what shows up March 2nd. If so, I’m buying!

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1 Comment on Docked iPad is a Mac!

  1. Tame Bear says:

    Would you like to have an iPad that also works as a fully-functional desktop Mac?

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