In a previous post I talked about the two essential things that Traffic Exchanges are good for:

  1. Building Your Brand and
  2. Building Your List

Traffic Exchanges (TEs) are useful for bringing more traffic to any web site, of course, but what they’re really good for is building your brand identity (through repetition — others become familiar with you through repeatedly seeing your imagery, your words, your name and picture, and the unique design and colors of your promotional/opt-in web page consistently presented), and building your email list so you can develop an ongoing relationship and dialog with your subscribers. You get subscribers by promoting an opt-in page that invites people to give their name and email address in exchange for some irresistible (and usually free) offer.

Now picture me, a clever Bear here, pondering these two essential things:

  1. Building Your Brand
  2. Building Your List

Follow the Two Bees

What comes to The Bear’s mind is TWO BEES, because as everyone knows a Bear loves Honey. And how does a Bear find the Honey? By following those Two Bees. I don’t know how they’re going to get to their honey, how far away it is, what route they’re going to take, or how long. But I know…

… if I follow those Two Bees, this Bear is going to get some Honey!

Well, that’s my way of saying these two things are ESSENTIAL:

  1. Building Your Brand
  2. Building Your List

Above all else, you need to get those two things working. I’m not going to tell you how, because figuring that out for yourself is a key learning process. Everybody’s gonna do it a little different. Like me, you’ll experiment with various tools that are out there (Aweber, TrafficWave, AffiliateFunnel, TEtoolbox, Splash Page Creator, to name just a few) until finally something CLICKS and you’ve got a basic system in place that’s WORKING.


I don’t care what tools you used to get your system working. What’s important is that you were persistent, you stuck with it and figured it out for yourself.

You’re following the Two Bees, and you are now successfully

  1. Building Your Brand and
  2. Building Your List

That’s Great! That’s Fantastic!

Now all you need is a continuing flow of TRAFFIC into your system so you can continue to Build Your Brand and Build Your List. You are following the Two Bees!

Now you want to Open the Spiggot! Now you want TRAFFIC flooding in! Once you’ve figured out how to get even just one or two sign-ups on your very own email list, then you want to Turn Up the Volume!

So how do you do that?

It’s time to PAY IT UP, it’s time to BUY UPGRADES and BUY CREDIT PACKAGES in the Traffic Exchanges that are working for you, because that will open the FLOODGATES and get many more signups to your email list. Then you can use your list (as I am doing) to promote your favorite Traffic Exchanges and Build Your Downlines.

The Third Bee

The Third Bee

Yes — Building Your Downlines is the Next ESSENTIAL THING.

It’s the THIRD BEE. It means you’re getting closer to the Honey! Now you want to focus on Building Your Downlines.

Why build downlines in the Traffic Exchanges?

Because your TIME is valuable.

As you build your downlines, you benefit from others generating traffic for you, so you can free up your time and move on to the Next ESSENTIAL THING, the FOURTH BEE. (More about the FOURTH BEE later.)

Yes, I urge you to PAY IT UP at the Traffic Exchanges in order to Build Your Downlines.

Here are a few TE tips:

  1. Start watching for the upgrade offers, but don’t jump at the first one that comes along. Pay attention so you begin to recognize a real bargain when you see one. There are some real good deals that will get you an amazing amount of credits, multiplying your free traffic surfing efforts ten or twenty times or more. So wait, watch, and snatch up the best deal when it comes along.
  2. Set up an ongoing monthy payment that’s automatic, so you don’t have to think about it again. Once you decide to Level UP in a few Traffic Exchanges you want that to be ONGOING. (Note: some of the best deals are annual, not monthly.)
  3. Set a budget! Decide NOW how much you want to be paying each month for your upgraded Traffic Exchange Memberships and Credit Purchases. Figure out what you can afford, ongoing, and then get those monthly BUYS in place. The budget is important, because if you start out paying more than you can really afford, you won’t be able to stick with it. You’ve got to stick with it!
  4. Whenever possible use PayPal or AlertPay to set up these automatic monthly payments. Both these payment services make it easy to unsubscribe, should you decide you no longer want to be using a particular Traffic Exchange.
  5. Re-evaluate every few months. You should have some way of determining which Traffic Exchanges are working best to build your brand and build your list… and which ones aren’t. So swap out the losers and buy into new TEs once in a while, but remember to stay within your budget.
  6. Don’t worry too much about whether you are building downlines in all your TEs. The first TWO BEES are all-important, the Third Bee will come. Also, you may find (as I have) that it’s easy to build downlines in some TEs and harder in others. But if a TE is working well to build your list, it’s a keeper! Always follow those TWO BEES.
  7. Don’t spread yourself too thin. You want to be promoting your list through the TEs around-the-clock. That will take daily effort at each of your TEs. Budget your TIME and spend just enough time every day in each exchange to earn enough credits to get your opt-in page seen 24-7-365. If you’ve Leveled UP, you can do that in about ten exchanges, spending less than two hours a day doing your traffic surfing. (Hey, you can do it while watching TV!)

Two final recommendations…

  • Traffic Ad Bar just turned One Year Old this past December – Happy Birthday Traffic Ad Bar! It’s still real new, only 20,000 members, plenty of room to grow. And it has been by far the best TE for Building My Brand and Building My List.
  • Raining Traffic is not a free TE but it costs just $2 per month for a 1:1 click ratio and it pays $1 for everyone else you bring in. So if you’re finding success following that Third Bee — Building Your Downlinethen join Raining Traffic and make some money.

I wish you the best of success!

  1. Building Your Brand
  2. Building Your List and
  3. Building Your Downline

P.S. Yes, those two links to Traffic Ad Bar and Raining Traffic contain my referral IDs, so if you join and Level UP in them I’ll receive some benefit along with you. You DO want to be in MY downlines don’t you? That’s why you’re ON the TAME BEAR TEAM. Go Team!

(And if, dear reader, you are not yet on the Tame Bear Team, you can join here.)

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  1. nikoya says:

    this article really helped me out. i have had the hardest challenge with building an organic email list. I keep reading on how important and vital it is but it has been my major challenge… unless I’m just impatient :) Great tips.

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