My friend Patrick Griffin has published an excellent article titled “For Heaven’s Sake People… Don’t Be Afraid to Talk When Things Go Wrong!” It’s all about the lack of communication from “Just 2 Bucks A Month” (J2BAM) owner/admin Mike Chaundy, and the deep distrust this failure to communicate has sewn among the program’s membership.

J2BAM - What Happened?

J2BAM - What Happened?

Like others who had joined this program, I was ramping to go “all in” with J2BAM because it was such a clear, simple, useful program. I was only just getting started when Mike went silent.

It’s been about two weeks since anyone has heard from him.

I still think the program itself was solid — no complex matrix, no fancy fee structure, just a neat transparent pay-as-you-go listbuilder, worth every bit of the $2 a month I would have gladly paid… if only Mike had not abandoned his post and let the ship go off course.

I paid my $12 entry fee, gained some solid connections, and have a better idea of the warning signs to watch for. So in my view it was a good investment.

Others in the program are taking a wait-and-see approach, hoping for some signs of life. Those with significant downlines are expecting end-of-month residual payments. Others are continuing to promote the program, and the J2BAM web site itself still appears to be operational (though it has not been updated at all within the last couple weeks.)

Given the unusual silence and lack of site updates, I could not in good conscience continue to promote the program. Sure, let’s see if there’s any payout at the end of July, but it will take a whole lot more than that for me to regain any trust at all in Mike Chaundy.

Mike does have a Twitter account, though there have been no new tweets since April 19th. Nevertheless I sent him some sternly worded public tweets…

@TheListPerson Mike, you have disappointed many many people by leaving your post at J2BAM, abandoning an otherwise excellent program.

@TheListPerson Your complete lack of communication over the past two weeks has left J2BAM in ruins, whether you are aware of it or not.

@TheListPerson To get a sense of what your silence has caused, read this post and comments from your downline: #J2BAM

Mike, if you’re out there reading this, I believe it’s still possible to recover from this major stumble, and set things right. But you gotta communicate. Tell us what happened. In full, and soon.

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5 Comments on J2BAM Fail

  1. Loke Hansen says:

    Hi Tamebear,
    I’m glad to read an update from you regarding the J2BAM “issue”.
    I completely agree that the silence isn’t a “point of no return” failure notice, we are all working with real people in the real world, and unfortunately things can prevent us from getting online for some time.

    I sincerely hope that some news is posted soon and the program brought back on track.

    I know quite a few people that placed a bet on this and even though the membership cost is low – many have spent a great deal more promoting it.

    I’m crossing my fingers for all of you and look forward to an update!

  2. Hi Tame,
    Nicely worded post here.
    Sometimes silence, as they say, is golden, but this is not one of those times.

    When I was learning to fly airplanes a long time ago my instructor told me three golden rules survival when the engine quits and you find yourself heading towards ground rather sooner than expected…
    (i) aviate
    (ii) navigate
    (iii) communicate

    We can also apply this to when things go wrong with something at ground level too.

    To me it is this:
    (i) deal with the initial problem
    (ii) try and get back in the direction you were heading
    (iii) tell people what happened and what you are doing to put things right.

    Now assuming something has gone wrong with J2BAM I think we are long overdue the “tell us what happened” phase of events.


  3. Sam Burgess says:

    Appreciate the update, hopefully this will not go the way of Pyrabang and other programs that had great potential.

  4. WTG TameBear….. I have completly stopped all promo’s for this program and it’s a shame I spend a bunch promoting it and to tell the truth I am not upset the experience was beneficial. The contacts I gained were well worth the price of admission. I have rethought my position on J2B and agree with you. I’ll wait and see if the next payout is made and if the owner can convince me he is trustworthy I’ll consider promoting it again. It amazes me that this whole thing could have been averted by simply being up front with us……..

  5. Tame Bear says:

    Thomas L. Knapp over at Blog has posted his thoughts about the demise of J2BAM, it’s dubious value and likelihood of failure. An interesting read.

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