UPDATE: The game is now up and running, but you need to figure out how to get started! (Big hint — follow the links.)

You know the story about the plumber who is so busy he never has time to fix his own sink? Well a webmaster can sometimes be in a similar bind.

So I’m pleased to announce today that the Oakley Studio web site has undergone it’s first major overhaul since 2007! Woohooo! Nope it’s not a dramatic design change from the previous extremely  simple text-on-white layout. But most of the old javascript and legacy html table layouts have been scrapped and replaced with shiny new css styling and php scripting.

Especially worth pointing out is that Oakley Studio now has a blog of its own. Does this mean you’ll be hearing less from Tame Bear? Possibly. Not only is webmaster Peter Oakley now blogging in his own voice, but he’s putting WordPress front and center as the best foundation for any new home-based business web site, and, he’s building an affiliate program around it too.

The OS WordPress Affiliate Program

What this means is that if you bring a couple new small businesses to Oakley Studio, and they become paying customers? Then your own web site hosting is FREE. Yes, getting the word out to your network of friends and associates can not only net you free WordPress web site hosting, you can actually earn some bucks and turn it into a new residual income stream at the same time.

Online personality and autonomous pitchman Tame BearIn addition, there’s some talk of adding a gamification component to the updated site, not real sure what that’s all about but something to keep an eye on.

disclaimer: For those of you  who pay attention to these things, the online personality and brand identity known as Tame Bear is a wholly-owned production of Oakley Studio, which means The Bear is an entertainment and promotional property designed to function as an autonomous pitchman for everything from our favorite books at Smashwords and Amazon.com to affiliate programs like Click-Track-Profit, Traffic Wave, The 10K Challenge, and ViralInbox. And the Tame Bear podcasts — entertaining stories and essays for a general internet audience — also serve as a vehicle to advertise Oakley Studio client web sites. (Yours might even be one of them!)

If you’ve decided you sure don’t want to head into 2012 without a domain name web site of your own, then you’re definitely a good prospect for Oakley Studio web design and hosting… or we’re already working with you!


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