With the emergence of ebook self-publishing over the past few years, it is now possible for anyone to produce their written works in an array of electronic formats and achieve broad distribution in a market eager for new material.

"Oceans of Light" ebook on iPad

"Oceans of Light"
ebook on iPad

Peter Oakley’s illustrated “Oceans of Light: A Users Guide to the Multiverse,” published last year via the automated “meatgrinder” at Smashwords.com, was a no-cost production that makes the $3.99 ebook available to all the current ebook reading devices. The book is now being sold at Sony, Diesel, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks and Kobo online ebook stores (and coming soon to Amazon.com).

Additional formats, readers, and sales outlets are arriving to address the voracious reading appetites of consumers enthralled with the possibility of having their entire library of beloved books on the go in a small electronic tablet. Just this week Smashwords.com inked an agreement with ScrollMotion to produce it’s entire premium catalog of ebooks as stand-alone applications, making them even more accessible through the four major mobile app marketplaces.

And yet we are just at the beginning of this new era in self-publishing. Today’s ebooks are analogous to the first motion pictures — simple recordings of stage plays. Most ebooks are simple renditions of their paper counterpart. That is changing dramatically with today’s release of the new Al Gore ebook “Our Choice,” produced by Push Pop Publishing. A short video introducing the book demonstrates the possibilities…

Al Gore’s Our Choice Guided Tour from Push Pop Press on Vimeo.

Wired.com wrote a profile of the company in an article entitled “Gadget Lab,” featuring the company’s two engineer/entrepreneurs, who honed their interactive user interface design skills at Apple, Inc. Push Pop Publishing is working to package and market their suite of ebook design and production tools, putting them directly in the hands of authors. It is exciting to consider what a generation of new writers — who have grown up immersed in multimedia — will create with these new interactive self-publishing tools.

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