This is a very exciting time in the life of Tame Bear. You’ll see why when you watch this video. (Watch it full-screen if you can. And if you love it, click the “Favorite” link.)

I’d like to thank my family for making this day possible: Thanks Mama Bear, Papa Bear, and Sister Bear and Brother Bear. Thank you to my producer, Peter Oakley, to iMovie and to our Mac Mini without which this movie would never have been made. Thanks to Apple for making such magical technology, to Monsieur Raton Laveur, my long-time backyard friend, and to the FedEx woman who had such a beautiful and knowing smile when she showed up at my door. Special thanks to Jon, Tim, Justin, and Larry for the FREE Click-Track-Profit FlipCam I used to make this video.

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, a million times thankyou!


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7 Comments on Tame Bear’s New iPad

  1. Tame Bear says:

    Tame Bear is HAPPY!!!

  2. Edward Wade says:

    Now that’s a great way to promote CTP.
    Good trailer too.

  3. Tame Bear says:

    Thanks Edward, and of course you’ve also discovered that another good way to promote anything is to comment on blogs. (Worthwhile comments that start conversations, of course.) It got me to click your link and visit your site! :) Curious to know what the “tid=tamebear” attribute/value pair is doing there in your URL. Does it help you track which of your blog comments are bringing you the most click-throughs?

  4. Paul Nulty says:

    This is a very interesting blog and the video is very different and creative, I happened to discover your blog while surfing on thumbvu also seen you active on the chat! I look forward to seeing more great content from you. Best Regards, Paul

  5. Robin Robinson says:

    I enjoyed this video. You have a very nice, informative and creative Blog.

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