In August of 2011, 50,000 people converged on the Black Rock Desert in Nevada for a radically self-reliant community experience like no other… “Burning Man – Rites of Passage.” While “The Man” held the center of attention, it was in the Temple of Transition where the citizens of Black Rock City opened their minds and unburdened their hearts, leaving their stories and dreams, their heartfelt wishes, their loves and hates, their prayers, their weight of terrors, sorrows, guilt and remorse. In accordance with tradition they gave them up here within these high walls, to be consumed by fire when the Temple burned on Sunday night.

Temple of Transition

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This movie runs about 13 minutes long – that’s long for an online movie, so it may ┬átake several minutes of downloading before you can view it. The first couple minutes create the setting, and the remainder of the movie is of the Temple burning. Though watching a movie is not the same as being there, my goal was to present as faithfully as possible the experience of being at the edge of a white-hot towering fire with 50,000 other citizens of Black Rock City, sitting in near total silence as the structure burned to the ground.

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    Thank you for sharing this awesome documentary. Namaste!

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