It’s the most significant development in the Traffic Exchange (TE) industry in years – a new exchange that will increase your web site’s SEO ranking while you surf. The Bear has studied their method closely to understand how they are accomplishing this… and it is pure genius.

The standard TE Surf Page

The standard TE Surf Page

The Surf Bar

You see, all the TEs we’ve seen so far use standard HTML frames to present featured web pages in a “surf bar” with a countdown timer. The timer counts down and when it gets to zero (usually within 10-15 seconds) you click an icon to display the next page. By viewing other members’ pages in the surf bar, you earn “credits” which you can assign to your own web page. The more pages you view, the more your own page will be viewed by others.

The Trouble with TEs

There are three problems with this standard TE functionality that combine to damage a web site’s ranking:

  • First, all visitors to your web site are coming from the same page — the TE surf page.
  • Second, almost no one is staying on your site for more than a few seconds.
  • And most of those visitors are not bothering to visit another page on your site.

This is not a problem if you are sending your TE traffic directly to affiliate web sites. Maybe you don’t even have a web site of your own.* But if you have your own web site and that’s where you’re sending your TE traffic this should matter to you.

Even if you have a dozen or more TEs pointing their surf pages at your site and bringing hundreds of visitors per day, the brief nature of these visits and the limited sources of the traffic are creating a low-quality profile that can be detected, and that over time can erode your web site’s ranking at Alexa and other similar ranking services.

What you want instead is traffic that comes from everywhere, stays for at least a few minutes, and visits more than one page on your site.

Geographically diffused traffic and sustained visits are key SEO attributes. You can’t build these qualities into your meta tags or the text on your page. Normally this kind of traffic comes only from having great content that many other popular web sites have chosen to link to.

One TE Has Cracked the Code

One new TE has figured out how to ensure that everyone visiting your site is coming from their own location on the net, not all funneled through a few TEs. Furthermore they’ve figured out how to ensure that all your visitors will see at least two different pages of your web site over a several-minute time span. And to top it off, this traffic is indistinguishable from true organic blood sweat and tears SEO that many web site owners work for years to obtain.

Welcome to a new era in Traffic Exchange world. I’m pleased to introduce you to…

Important Tip The #1 TE for Web Site Owners

Don’t be too surprised when you see it — this TE is not the prettiest, at least not yet. If you’ve seen it before you probably passed it right by. It’s still in beta testing and the developers are focusing all their attention on functionality, scalability, and commercial value. Their compensation plan is incredible. You will make money with a free account, but once that happens you will want to upgrade because of the compensation plan.

When this TE officially launches (perhaps within the next six weeks) everyone will want to be a part of it. So my recommendation is that you get your free account now, start to earn some credits, and begin to quietly build your own downline in this TE just as I am doing here. Best of success to you, see you on the inside!

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* You don’t have your own domain name web site? Really? And you expect to earn a decent living in internet and affiliate marketing without your own web site?

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