It’s great to be an American.

Here’s an idea I’ve had that I’d like to share with you right here in the public domain. An idea so incredibly simple a Yahoo could do it! The first company to bifurcate the world wide web into two hemispheres…


will have cracked the next level in search, and stands a chance at going head to head with big guy Google over there. Not separate completely, mind you — they must be tethered and made to work together! And then put them in a hardened shell of security. And let the photons flow.


These Guys Are Going to Be Legendary




Enjoy — + — + — Starcat’s Study — + — !


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2 Comments on The Bear Says…

  1. mugwort says:

    Yes as long as corporations are fair to the people. In other words at least one thing. Corporations pay their fair share in taxes. Not hiding behind foreign bank accts. So that the rest of us don’t get the brunt of taxes.
    I’m not against taxes just that taxation be fair. IE based on income and what one can pay without too much hardship. Plus corporations not moving their business overseas, thereby depriving hard working Americans from work.

  2. Tame Bear says:

    I for one think we made a mistake way back when, that we allowed corporations to have the same rights as people.

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