Email is the cement you use to construct a solid business. To construct a quality business, you need quality tools, and your emailing system is one of the essential tools you’ll use to communicate and grow your business. Therefore, choose, learn, and use the best tools available for emailing.

To build a business, you've got to get your snowball rolling.Good emails get forwarded to a few other people, and can help you get some new business. Great emails get forwarded continuously to an ever-growing circle of friends and associates and their connections, and can generate a growing snowball of new business.

A great email starts from a base that can handle viral growth. You need emailing tools designed to manage a rapidly expanding business. You may need to create new lists and new email addresses on the spot for new parts of your rapidly evolving business. You need quality Search, Select, and Filter functions built in. You need simple fast List-Building tools, you need Templates, you need massive Automation, and you need responsive Feedback Loops to keep your snowball going. Gmail is great at filtering and sorting, but it only goes so far before it’s shortcomings as a foundational business tool begin to show.

There are two emailing platforms that will help you build your business on a great foundation:

  1. TrafficWave – This is your List-Building and Automation platform.
  2. Viral InBox – This is how you get your email snowball rolling.

If you’re not using TrafficWave yet, go get signed up there right now. The rest of this article is about Viral InBox, but first I have a few words about Traffic Exchanges. (You’ll see how this relates in just a moment.)

If you’ve been reading Tame Bear Weblog for a while, you already know The Bear loves Traffic Exchanges. They are a great way to advertise your business to a very large audience of potential customers who would never ever find your business any other way. Tony Tezak, who brought us the space-age Tezak Traffic Power exchange, describes Traffic Exchanges this way:

“Manual Traffic Exchanges were created with a simple idea: You visit my site and I’ll visit your site. That is about as simple as advertising can get.”

So that’s the simple idea, and it works really really well.

Now back to Viral InBox – I like to think of this emailing platform as a traffic exchange for email messages. To paraphrase Tezak:

“You read my email and I’ll read your email.”

It turns what you normally do – reading email – into a productive business activity. You earn credits as you read, and you can use those credits to send your great email to others. This is where the snowball begins. Just like the Traffic Exchanges, Viral InBox offers a very large audience of potential customers who would never ever find your business any other way.

Use Viral InBox to funnel a steady flow of new leads to your web pages, and from your web pages into your Lists and your Autoresponder letter series at TrafficWave.

That’s the way to use these two programs together to promote and build your business. The details of what you write in your emails, and how to make them great emails, will be specific to your particular business. Writing those great emails is a learning process that takes time, and you will figure out what works best for you and your particular business.

But without these two foundational tools, all the great emails you write won’t snowball if you can’t get them rolling. So get started in Viral InBox and TrafficWave now and begin using them now even while you are learning to write your own great emails.


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