What is reality? At its most fundamental level, reality is very strange.

Subatomic particle physicists, theoretical quantum physicists, cosmologists, string theorists, and multiverse theory mathematicians are all working to get at the underlying truth of reality: How is all this we see around us formed from basic building blocks? What are the rules and forces that govern how things are constructed, how they move, how they behave and interact with other things?

BBC Television’s “Horizons” series this year has done a masterful job of exploring all these ideas in a one-hour program profiling the people and the projects that may tell us, ultimately, what is the true nature of reality. I hope you enjoy watching “What Is Reality?” as much as I have.

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  1. Tame Bear says:

    As it stands now, there are just 16 fundamental particles that make up all of reality as we know it. A 17th — the Higgs Boson — has not yet been found. If it is found, it completes the set. If it is not found… then theoretical physicists everywhere are back to their blackboards to try and explain why not.

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