IMPORTANT UPDATE – Monday July 11, 2011: I have been in close communication with members of my upline and there is considerable concern about the viability of the membership program known as “Just 2 Bucks A Month,” which I have been describing and promoting in this and other blog posts. Mike Chaundy, the owner/admin of the program, has been unusually slow in acknowledging new member signups, putting the integrity of the whole program in jeopardy. Until I see some clear evidence that Mike is able to manage the program in a reliable and dependable manner, I am as of today suspending all promotion and my recommendation is that you NOT join this program, either through links on this page or through any other advertising for “Just 2 Bucks A Month” wherever you see it being promoted.

I hope Mike comes around and either demonstrates a renewed commitment to administering this program in a timely and trustworthy manner; or hands off the day-to-day administrative tasks to someone more capable of doing so. That is my hope, but until then I will not recommend “Just 2 Bucks A Month” and will make no further efforts to invite others to join.

       Sincerely, Peter Oakley (aka: “Tame Bear”)


I am was super excited to be a part of Mike Chaundy’s “Just 2 Bucks A Month” (J2BAM) membership listbuilding program. The more I explore the structure and design of this program, the more excited I get about it. Here’s why…

J2BAM launched just three months ago, and currently has 1,177 members. Your first objective is to try and invite two others to join within your first month. (I brought in two new members in just ten days.) After that, your goal is to help them bring in their first two, and to teach them to do the same.

The Beautiful Simplicity

Few programs are this simple. Here’s what you get for your $2 a month:

  • A Home Page – Lists your “upline” (the person you joined under), and your “downline” (others who have joined under you, and their downlines, level-by-level, to 15 levels deep). You earn 10 cents for every new member that joins your downline, on any  of the 15 levels. Your home page summarizes your total downline count and total monthly “residual income.”
  • A Sales Page – A nice simple page you can use to invite others to join Just 2 Bucks A Month.
  • A Forum – Ask questions, and help others.
  • Advertising – Example emails and ad banners.
  • Notifications – This is how J2BAM helps you build a mailing list. You receive notification from admin every time someone new joins your downline. The notification includes their name and email address, which you can add to your autoresponder. (You do have an autoresponder, don’t you? ) The notifications also say who each new member joined under, so you can map out the structure of the memberships you are bringing in.

That’s it! Mike hints there may be additional features coming in the future, but this is what your $2 a month gets you right now.

Residual Income

You’ll earn 10 cents a month for every new member you invite into J2BAM. If you do the math, you’ll see that once you have 20 other members anywhere in your downline, your monthly membership fee is paid for. How many levels deep is that? Well if you get two, and those two members get two, and their two get two, etc… You will have 20 members in your downline as it begins to fill in Level 4.

  • Level 1 = 2 members
  • Level 2 = 4 members
  • Level 3 = 8 members
  • Level 4 = 16 members

Your downline can continue building, to 15 levels deep. (You can also continue to invite additional members on Level 1 — there’s nothing preventing you from doing that.) Any additional members beyond the first “break even” 20 will produce “residual income.” This is where the “retire in 15 months” concept kicks in. Not only are you building a useful email list for your $2 a month, you are building a steadily growing income for years to come.

The Incentive to Help Others

Many mult-level programs have a complex commission structure; like 50% for level 1, 20% for level 2, 5% for level 3 etc. Or a complicated matrix: bring in two, three levels deep, to get your first payout, then start over. Sheesh. These overly  complex pay plans offer little incentive for you to do anything more than build your Level 1 as wide as possible and as fast as possible. By contrast, J2BAM is really simple: you earn 10 cents for every member in your downline, on any level, to 15 levels. You can promote on behalf of anyone else in your downline, it’s all the same. This provides a huge incentive for you to help others in your downline to get their first two.

Many members are successfully using rotators to help their downline members get their first signups. In fact every J2BAM link in this article goes to a rotator I built that helps all my newbies get more signups. I am not just getting Level 1 signups, I am working at getting signups for others in my downline on Level 2, Level 3, Level 4… They’re all the same! Any new signup, under anybody in my downline, on any level, earns me another 10 cents a month.

Sure, I could just promote my own Sales Page, and build my Level 1 as wide as possible. But I might not ever build a downline 15 levels deep that way. I would not be focused on teaching others how to do it. I would have only my own efforts working for me to build wide, not deep.

Furthermore, not everyone is able to successfully promote the program, so their leg of my downline might end right there… except that I can promote and get new members under them and continue to build out my entire downline structure wherever it needs help. In doing so, I am helping everyone below me reach that break-even point so that they will begin earning and continue their membership.

Few programs create this kind of incentive to help others. Once you have introduced two others to the program, all your effort can go into helping others. You can communicate to everyone in your downline (because you’re adding their names and emails to your list) and you can pass on all the success techniques you’ve learned from your upline. J2BAM is a simple, beautiful system that rewards business leaders and contributes to a lively community of people helping each other.

No Incentive To Leave

Once I have 20 signups, there is no incentive to leave — my monthly membership fee is paid for. Any new signups anywhere in my downline are income-producing.

Can you get 20 signups? Of course you can, with everyone in your upline helping to fill out your downline, you bet you can! Will you be able to retire in 15 months? I wouldn’t count on that, though it is a real possibility. You can count on getting some decent amount of steady income, ongoing, by the end of 15 months.

A Pay-As-You-Go

You and every other member must continue to pay Just 2 Bucks A Month to maintain your membership, to continue building your email list, and continue receiving ongoing residual income. Any program like this has an initial build out that can happen quickly or slowly — pyramid-like — until it reaches a steady state where there are about as many people coming in as there are exiting the program. Why would anyone leave? Well, people neglect their payments. People defund their PayPal or AlertPay accounts, or get banned. People max out their credit cards or go bankrupt. People die. For all these reasons and more, eventually the number of people joining J2BAM will fairly closely match the number of people leaving the program.

Just 2 Bucks A Month: A Sustainable Pay-As-You-Go System

I believe Just 2 Bucks A Month is capable of becoming a sustainable pay-as-you-go system that rewards everyone who commits to membership for at least 15 months. I believe it will grow to a membership of several hundred thousand… or possibly a million or more. I believe that some in Just 2 Bucks A Month will earn sufficient residual income to quit their day jobs and genuinely retire and enjoy the leisurely life they have dreamed of. Others will earn enough to invest and grow their own business for years to come.

Can you afford Just 2 Bucks A Month? You’ll save that much just by emptying spare change from your pocket into a jar once a week. And if you join J2BAM using any of the links in this article, you can be certain that I will be helping you to build your downline several levels deep, and I’ll be teaching you how to help others do the same. Please join Just 2 Bucks A Month now — participate in this great adventure, and discover a community of business leaders here to help you succeed!

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6 Comments on The Incentive to Help Others

  1. What a fantastic and easy to understand explanation of this program. You tell people Exactly what they get, what they must do to succeed, what they can expect in the future, and the potential upside and downsides of growth.

    Thanks Tame Bear, I will be using this article as a point of reference for Just 2 Bucks A Month.

    • Tame Bear says:

      Glad you like it, Cathy! And since you are in my upline, then you can send all the traffic you like to this page and it helps you build your downline – by helping bring more signups to members in my downline. That’s exactly what I mean by the incentive to help others.

  2. Tame Bear GREAT JOB FANTASTIC POST. I’ll be using this as well.
    Just to let your readers know I’m only 3 members away from the PROFIT ZONE in a little over 2 months!!! Team Work is a powerful force…..

    Professor Cue Ball Clicks aka MurrayO

  3. Jolynn Moss says:

    Tame Bear this is an awesome post. You have explained the entire program very simply. No it is not a get rich quick program but you can definitely earn a nice residual income. The incentive to help others is what keeps us going and working as a team is great. I have met so many new people with this program and building relationships with these people is priceless.

    Thanks for being part of our team!

  4. Tame Bear I have to agree with everybody, this is really a great blog. The explanations about J2BAM will help many people, priceless. I think people respond to simple explanations. We are so lucky to have people like you in our team. I love the team work with the relationship we have created. You don’t find that in many programs. Again, thanks for the wonderful explanations.

  5. CAROL says:

    The plan is so simple and easy to follow. The effort to help others be successful makes for a great building team. The above information is great.

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