A Traffic Exchange is a web site where participating members spend time viewing each other’s web pages.

“I look at your web page, you look at mine.”

That’s the essential exchange which is the goal of Traffic Exchanges (TEs). There are hundreds of TE web sites and you can join most of them for free. TEs are a great way to bring many more visitors to your web site.

Surf Bars, Credits, and Ratios

Your web page is framed in a “surf bar” that uses a countdown clock to ensure other member-visitors spend some minimum amount of time viewing your page. (Anywhere from just a few seconds to 30 seconds or more.) When the clock reaches zero, a member clicks a link or button to view the next member page.

TE surf bar

By viewing other members’ pages in the surf bar, you earn “credits” which you can assign to your own web page. For each credit you earn, your web page will be shown to one other member in the TE. So one credit brings you one new visitor to your web page.

Free members in a TE may need to view two or three pages in order to earn one credit in the exchange. This is a “2-to-1” or “3-to-1” credit ratio. Members do not typically achieve a “1-to-1” credit ratio unless they upgrade to a paid membership in the exchange.

With a 1-to-1 credit ratio, visiting 100 pages in a TE surf bar will bring 100 other visitors to your web site. You can also purchase a package of credits, spending money instead of time to bring more visitors to your web site.

Referring Others and Building a Downline

Most TEs provide a way for you to invite others to join. You “refer” others to a TE by using a unique link that includes your “referral ID.” (For example, when I link to Rainforest Clicks, notice the link contains a number — my referral ID — which identifies me as the referrer.) You will earn a small percentage of credits from everyone you refer to Rainforest Clicks. You’ll also earn a commission on any membership upgrades or extra credits your referrals purchase.

Everyone you refer to the TE is “in your downline.” Each of those members can in turn refer others. Many of the TEs allow members to earn credits and commissions several levels deep in their downline. So for example, if you refer three new members to Rainforest Clicks, and each of those new members also refers three, and their referrals refer three, then you have a downline containing 39 other members.

The Downline

You will earn 10% of your downline’s credits, and 10% of their paid upgrades.

Let’s say you pay $10 per month for a 1-to-1 credit ratio, and you surf 100 pages every day for 30 days (earning 3,000 credits). And let’s say everybody in your downline does the same. Then you will earn $39 and 390 credits each month from your downline. You will net $29 each month and only need to surf 78 pages per day to keep receiving 3,000 visits to your web site each month.

If the surf bar timer is 10 seconds, it will take less than 15 minutes each day to complete your surfing.

More TEs = More Traffic and More Income

If you join eight TEs, you’re earning $232 per month, and your web site is receiving 24,000 visitors per month. But do you really want to spend up to two hours per day to keep that going? Of course not. Instead, you use some of your earnings to upgrade to a higher credit ratio or buy additional credits each month.

After that, you still have a steadily growing stream of income and you spend no more time surfing! So you can focus on creating a great web site or blog that people will want to bookmark, link to, and explore further…

Like this here Tame Bear Weblog, for example!

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