Everybody needs an autoresponder. Why? If you want to communicate with one person you can send an email. If you want to communicate with a group of people, you need a list. Once you have a list, you can prepare a series of messages in advance to be sent to that email list. That’s what an autoresponder is for.

As new people “opt-in” to your list, they will begin receiving the same series of email messages everyone else has received. This is powerful!

  • Use your autoresponder to send a series of instructional or training emails.
  • Or to send a weekly or monthly newsletter or ezine.
  • Or to thank people for buying your products or services.
  • Or to share your blog posts.
  • Or to send out special or seasonal offers.
  • Or to help your friends know what’s important to you.
  • Or to provide product/service/technical support for your clients and customers.
  • Or to send updates to a club, civic organization, or church group.

Take a minute or so to think about why you need an autoresponder…

Go ahead, I’ll just wait…

Ok, now you know how helpful an autoresponder will be for all your personal and business communications.

What do I use an autoresponder for? Opt-in to my list and find out:


(Don’t worry, you can unsubscribe from my list whenever you want. I respect your wishes and will never send you email again if you’ve unsubscribed.)

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3 Comments on Why Everybody Needs an Autoresponder

  1. Tame Bear says:

    Just so you know, I send emails about two or three times a month, whenever I update my weblog. Signing up is the best way for you to READ EVERYTHING I post on my blog. Are you using an autoresponder?

  2. I was wondering where you get the code to put on your site?

    I did sign up for your blog BTW.

  3. Tame Bear says:

    Hi Kinsey,

    You probably saw (when you signed up) that I am using TrafficWave.net for my autoresponder. You can use this link to set up your own TrafficWave account. They have a 30-days Free Trial going on right now; after that it will cost you $17 to keep using it.

    The thing is though, you can earn money by telling others about TrafficWave, so if you get three other folks to sign up via your referral, that covers your monthly fee and then your account is essentially free.

    I know people who are actually earning A LOT of money by promoting TrafficWave and getting lots of referrals.

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