The concept of creating new waves of behavior to disrupt old waves (habits) is how we surf the multiverse, and find our new selves tracking along a new path in the continuum of spacetime — everything changes!

Tame Bear's daily checklist

I created a daily checklist late last year, to begin a disruptive wave against some patterns (habits) in my life that I wanted to quell. On my daily list Рa row of check boxes for each day, 12 checkboxes in all:

  • 4 – Drink a glass of water.
  • 1 – Take a walk. (Or other exercise.)
  • 1 – Meditate. (15 min.)
  • 1 – Eat two fresh fruit.
  • 3 – Three sets of situps. (On exercise ball.)
  • 1 – Take my meds & vitamins.
  • 1 – Pill the cat.

It’s not too much to do every day. Most days I complete everything. Focusing on this daily discipline defocuses other desires.

The daily checklist creates a continuous wave of repeating behavior that disrupts and crowds out other behavior … breaking old habits.

Results so far: I’ve dropped 10lbs of weight, spent more time with family, more sociable, less anxious, sleeping better, clearer goals.

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2 Comments on Daily Checklist

  1. Dear T.B.: Nice to meet you on Twitter at my alter ego @Fey1IlseofSkye. I applaud your commitment to change. It inspired me. Good luck with your daily priorities!

  2. Tame Bear says:

    Ah – it’s so nice to know I’ve been an inspiration to you. Thanks.

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