Hey, I like to think my own success was based on one thing only — my remarkable congeniality, or what might these days be called “social friendliness.”

I type fast and I like to chat.

But I have to admit I had an ace in my back pocket — that grand-daddy of social traffic web sites: StartXchange!

StartXchange - The Social Traffic Exchange

They say StartXchange was among the first sites to catch the “scent” of social and ride the new wave of social networking mixed with traffic surfing. It’s how you (yes YOU, Mr. Traffic Exchange newbie) can get to know others in the business, build helpful longlasting relationships and scheme’n’dream about where and how you’ll make your first (or next) million.

And while you’re there, please feel free to chat with The Bear as you surf, or look me up in the extensive forums, where you can also pick up some great advice and inside tips on the pro business of internet/online marketing.

EXTRA: StartXchange is among a handful of “Nerd Surf” sites, which means you can earn a good percentage more photons just by surfing StartXchange along with three or more of the other “Nerd Surf” sites — that’s GOOD TO KNOW!

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