It may help you to begin a practice of meditation by narrowing your focus. Recall that the purpose of meditation is toFocused Meditation - Sound transcend the apparent duality of the world by recognizing the illusion that’s placed upon our filtered perception of the world by the language and symbolic representation of the contrasting dual opposites.

The mind is so busy. Let’s narrow it down to just sound.

Close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you. Try to listen to the whole environment around you, let the sounds all merge into a speechless oneness. This is a focused meditation.

As you give attention to this sound-field that surrounds you, try not to name the individual parts of the sound you are hearing. Naming separates. So try to relax into the sound and let it simply be as it is — enveloping you, poking at you from here and there, containing you, strengthening and dissipating. Experience the sound without naming its parts.

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