Tame Bear on Twitter 2012

The Bear on Twitter 2012

Twitter this year teamed up with Vizify to produce summaries of anyone’s Twitter feed from 2012, distilling it down to the top ten words. Here’s mine. Nothing too surprising — these are The Bear’s top ten words, with “World” leading the pack by a wide margin. (Click on the chart to read the list.) I guess that must mean I tend to think globally? No, mostly it means I write quite a bit on Twitter about our relationship to the world, about how outside reflects inside, and other philosophical speculations.

Two promotional words show up here: “Click-Track-Profit,” which has become my internet marketing home base, and “TrafficWave,” the versatile autoresponder that every online marketer should have in their toolbox.

My “golden tweet” (most retweeted) wasn’t my own words; it was a quotation by Jon Stewart of the Daily Show, about corporations. My “golden follower” (mentioned me the most) is a fellow marketer who sent regular shout-outs my way whenever my ad pages showed up on Sweeva — thanks Karl Blatz.

If you’d like to see your own Year on Twitter in just 10 words, click and visit 2012.twitter.com.

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