So here’s the weird thing. When we all (about a dozen of us) went into the large department store, first thing we did was climb up to a second level high up on the walls, and began inching our way along a narrow ledge walled with cabinets. Someone up ahead was giving us a tour from this high vantage point, we salespeople in corporate dress being all new to the business. The cabinets were full of cheap porcelain figurines, all shapes sizes and colors. As we made our way along the ledge we were free to examine all these items closely. ¬†Who would buy all this stuff, I wondered to myself. But mostly I was intent on staying on the ledge and not falling, gingerly picking my way along, using fingerholes in the cabinet doors to steady myself.

China Shop

Yeah, just a dream. A crazy weird dream. What do you make of it?


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