Something is brewing at Traffic Ad Bar.

Creator Darren Merrett presented these tantalizing tidbits in an email yesterday…

Something new is coming!
I’ve just updated the miniblog again, only 3 days to go!

Click the link below and login right now to find out what’s happening!

The “what’s happening” is a brand new program that Darren will be rolling out soon, in a three-phase launch. The first phase is just for members of Traffic Ad Bar, so if you want in on the first wave, this is your chance.

Sign up with Traffic Ad Bar to get first tier access to Darren’s Mini Blog, get a front row seat and a ticket in the game on the next big internet launch party.

Are you in Traffic Ad Bar ? DID YOU SAY “NO” ?!?!

Here is your ticket to the party:
+ Traffic Ad Bar is FREE to use.
+ Traffic Ad Bar advertises your website across our network, not just our website.
+ Traffic Ad Bar advertises your website direct to our member’s email boxes.
+ Traffic Ad Bar pays you commission for referring members who upgrade.

So, get into the free Traffic Ad Bar, and then register for Darren’s new brain child that launches in just two days — on MARCH 27, 2012.

Here’s the skinny on what’s to come.

We are well into the next phase of the internet — Social Networking.

Now it’s time to build a business on it.

+ 10 ways to get paid.

+ No need to refer.

+ Unlimited earnings.

+ Targeted ads.

+ Search engine style ads.

+ Banner ads.

+ Build followers.

Does this sound like a business you want in on? Then get in here.

This is your ticket to the game, the party, the whatever. Come on, get in here.

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  1. Tame Bear says:

    So what d’ya say — are you in?

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