According to the “Twenty12” app on my iPhone, the world is coming to an end within a matter of days. If we REALLY have just 100 days left before the end of the world, how should any of us use the remaining time? What do you want to accomplish in the last remaining 100 days?

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  1. Tame Bear says:

    I think I might like to have a big bonfire in the backyard, and spend some time remaining inviting lots of people to come and toss a memento on the fire.

  2. lee says:

    I like to get real quiet.. and meditate. Might take a walk with the dog and hold my husband little finger.

    You know how in the play “Our Town” the narrator told Emily… pick an ordinary day, but pay attention. In the play she asked her mom , “Can’t you SEE me,Mom.” Something special is way too intense… I plan to be ordinary.

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