You may already know that Thumbvu is a Traffic Exchange, one that I really like alot and use for several hours every week to earn “credits” and bring more traffic to this web site.

What you may not know is that the site has undergone a major redesign, and now all the active members there are promoting it heavily, hoping to refer lots of new members and build their “downline” there.

The redesign is pretty ingenious. The focus is on “personal branding,” a kind of marketing particularly well-suited to individual business owners working to make a living from home. And to drive that point home, Thumbvu has put together a personal branding splash page featuring a sample of users and showing some numbers representing their passion, creativity, and helpfulness to others. And each Thumbvu member has a page featuring their own image front and center on this new ad page. Here’s mine:

The Thumbvu Guys

What's missing?

I immediately began using the page to promote Thumbvu, in order to introduce the relaunched exchange to more new people and help grow the network effect for all of us. Right now this page is getting thousands upon thousands of views, and I’m sure there are plenty of new business people checking it out for the very first time.

But this afternoon, I suddenly noticed something about that ad… What’s with all the GUYS? Where are the women? Because you know plenty of women are business people too. So I submitted a support ticket to Thumbvu, suggesting they might want to review how they picked those six GUYS in the background to be the representative proxies for their exchange.

And then I thought about it some more and realized — hey, I can do something about this! So I did some quick screen captures and some Photoshop copy and paste and came up with this new version of the ad, featuring a half dozen “Women of Thumbvu.” Wouldn’t want anybody to think Thumbvu was some exclusive kinda GUYS club after all. So here is my new version of the ad:

Celebrating the Women of Thumbvu

The Women of Thumbvu

Let it now be known far and wide, as the new Thumbvu relaunch ramps up to a frenzy here in the coming days that women are business people too, and enjoy the same marketing benefits of that innovative Thumbvu “personal branding” that any six representative guys do. Come one, come all, the new Thumbvu is open for business — your business.

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3 Comments on The Women of Thumbvu

  1. Leave it to “the Bear” to think of all the women in marketing.
    I, too, was wondering how they picked the pictures in the background of the splash page. I just figured it was a set group they had configured together. Good catch on the fact there were no women marketers represented.
    I like your page much better….. but I could be biased. :)

  2. Tame Bear says:

    Cathy, actually I thought of you when I was doing that page. I could think of quite a few other women who would look at that page and go, “wait a minute, that’s not right…”

    Interestingly, when I showed the page to my sweetie, she couldn’t spot it (until I pointed it out to her.) But then she’s a female mathematician, which puts her among big herds of GUYS all the time, so she doesn’t give it a second thought.

    Still, I thought it was worth making a point about it.

  3. Tame Bear says:

    For the record, in my own promotion I am giving the “Women of Thumbvu” page equal time with the “GUYS of Thumbvu” that everyone else is promoting.

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