We’re now just past the third-year mark since Tame Bear learned of Traffic Exchanges and has made them a part of his life, at varying times and degrees. So it is with great pleasure that I present my actual earnings so far this year (output from Quick Books For Mac) woo hoo. Relatively modest by any account, but growing steadily month by month and changing over time. Some things rise as other things fall. I’m sure yours looks quite different, and may vary considerably in both constitution and magnitude.

Ye Olde Proof Screen Shot

Ye Olde Tame Bear Proof Screen Shot

Many have said it before, but it’s worth repeating… for most folks that stick with it, the business of Internet Marketing is a “get rich slowly” affair, and that’s ok with me so long as I see steady growth over time. Small as it is now, I get excited thinking about where this is going. If you catch some of that excitement yourself, opportunity is knocking at your door.

Here are a few tools of the trade Tame Bear is using to create his own fire. These belong to you too.

  1. Traffic Ad Bar – Climb the Ladder
  2. Traffic-Splash – Live the South Sea Island Life
  3. StartXchange – Join the Social
  4. Click-Track-Profit – Your Marketing Hub
  5. TrafficAtTheRaces – Easy Winnings
  6. Surf4TheEarth – Our Days Are Numbered
  7. Hot Flash Hits – Guys Get Hot Flashes Too!
  8. Tabzi – The Next WaZuub

And the next big thing …

Ya gotta click this link to find out.


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