No News on the Juno Flyby - NASA News Is Down

Isn’t it interesting, corresponding with the Congressional Blockade and Government Shutdown, there is a similar suppression and shutdown of government web sites that normally disseminate government information to the public.

Specifically, over at where astronomical and space news is normally ongoing; that web site is shuttered.

I noticed one brief mention in story today titled “Colorado-Built Spacecraft Encounters Glitch on Earth Flyby” 11 paragraphs down:

“Despite a government shutdown that has prevented NASA from updating its website or tweeting, the space agency’s missions continue to operate.”

And then I remembered just a couple days ago when I wanted to visit one of my favorites, The Astronomy Picture of the Daythat web site was shuttered.

Just some of the gifts of government science that the Congressional Blockade has silenced while the Government Shutdown continues.

What’s your favorite .gov website that’s been shuttered?

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2 Comments on Government Shutdown on .gov Information Websites

  1. Tame Bear says:

    Here’s another web site that’s shuttered: Administration for Native Americans –

    Have you found others?

  2. Tame Bear says:

    Here’s another one: Animal and Plant Inspection Service (USDA) –

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