I wish all my dear readers all the blessings, goodness, kindness, good luck, triumph, perseverance, commitment, loyalty, and all the riches that life offers, all in a measure we are able to believe we can achieve, and imagine beholding, and prepare to receive.

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That sweet anticipation of a better and ever-improving future, beyond the normal turbulence we find in the day by day.

The turbulence has a way of absorbing us into the froth of detail this world arrays before us in vivid splendor. It holds us. It captivates us. It pushes other awareness away.


W E L C O M E    H O M E

A larger space of awareness awaits.

It breathes within, the inner space of mind, where continuous waves of light pulse the color of your inner life: the accustomed narration, the critic, standing in the scatter of thoughts over a more solid, less discernible steady-state of mind, and the emotional burden of judgement, the gravity beneath it all. See this bath of thought in which we are submerged.

Now look closer and try to find who it is that bathes in this enormous pool of thought. And wonder out loud “How can I breathe?” when I am submerged like this. And we stop the thrashing, and watch the turbulence become still, and find a direction, and begin to float.

Floating upwards to the open air above the ocean of light.

And in deep stillness begin to breathe.


I N    T H E    S T I L L N E S S

What is emotion if you chose to set your inner chemistry to this setting, or that? Guilt, judging, conviction, loss, failure, darkness, doom; these are all manners of thinking, and when we change our manner, our clearer thinking helps us rise.

The observer of all-that-is lives in a vortex of light constantly spinning. This too can be quelled.

  • Anything that is fast can be slowed…
  • Anything that is dark can be made brighter.
  • Anyone that is dull can become sharp.
  • Anything that is dusty can be buffed.
  • Anyone that is judged can be found innocent.
  • Anyone that is guilty can find release.
  • All things that have died live on as a perturbation in the flow, in everything they have touched.

Anything that loses attention becomes a ghost, barely there except for the merest waveforms.

And all boundaries of belief can be dissolved in favor of a seeking, cherishing, loving awareness of everything as it happens — and we rise.

Share these good wishes with a few others that come to mind.

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