I read Seth Godin’s essay earlier today on “Are you an elite?,” and it got me wondering about one word that I couldn’t quite splice into the story’s meaning.

That word was shipping.

Because it puzzled me, I sent out this tweet…


Just a few hours later I received this email from Seth, with an explanation. He begins by quoting the line I was referring to…

On the other hand, the cycle of discovery and engagement and shipping the elites have started is going to accelerate over time, and you have all the tools necessary to be part of it–to lead it, in fact.

it’s not art if it doesn’t ship. it’s not generous or risky or important, either.

I write a lot about this in Linchpin and The Icarus Deception
thanks for reading
Seth Godin
It’s not art if it doesn’t ship.
Here are both books on my Amazon.com referral links, if you purchase a copy now, we can read it together and share what we learn.

That would be cool. And it would be a form of shipping too, right?
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