IT’S A FEW DAYS PAST HALLOWEEN here at Tame Bear Central and by now everyone should be out of costume, back to work and doing everything to shake off a bad sugar jones. But there’s one lone zombie out there in the woods with enough juice flowing in it’s veins to stay upright and keep walking.


This zombie has been all but dead for a month or more.

My last cashout was $10.12 back on July 16, 2014, and my attempts since then to make further withdrawals have not met with success. During that time I submitted an ad page for review, thinking I could spend the earnings directly on advertising. But my ad went unreviewed for days, and then weeks. I opened a ticket about it, and got no response. I submitted another ad, still no response.

Then I thought maybe if I move earnings to my purchase account and buy credits, then my ad would be approved. (Surely I’m not the only one who thought of this?) So now I’ve got $13 locked up in credits I can’t use; and another $11 in earnings that can’t find a way out.

ProBux - All These Creds

I sent one more support ticket just a week ago, hoping to shake some life out of this zombie. Nope, this one’s among the walking dead.

ProBux is the zombie I’m talking about.

When was your last cashout at ProBux? Are you still earning? I appear to be gaining about 20¢ a day just by checking in and clicking on a few ads. But with no way to get money out, and no way to at least spend what I’ve earned, the site is just as well dead.

Here’s what we saw leading up this to this conclusion:

  1. Several months of cashflow issues – occasionally able to cashout during certain specified times throughout the day.
  2. Front page messages from the owner – about how things would be improving, following server upgrades.
  3. More elaborate messages about a renewed cashout plan – with a rollout first to Payza, then to PayPal.
  4. The Forum down – for unspecified repairs a few days later. Has not been back up since then.
  5. The site completely offline – for several days. (Did the business just change hands?)
  6. Then back up – but to all appearances a mere zombie of its former self.


ProBux has been one of the “Core 4” PTCs in my campaign since I began this amazing journey back in August 2013. These are my flagship PTCs, the ones I expect to be at the heart of my solid ever-gaining “PTC Portfolio.” Now I must choose a replacement for ProBux.

Several PTCs I began working with along the way appear to fit the profile. They are not fast earners, but they are consisently reliable in payment. They offer an option to rent or buy referrals. They offer advertising at reasonable rates for the volume of traffic, and conversion is average or above. They all have years of experience in the business.

ScarletClicks - Join Now

ScarletClicks – Operating for 7 years.

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

WordLinx – Operating for 11 years.

Jills Click Corner - banner

Jill’s Click Corner – Operating for 8 years.

Keep an eye on my advertising over the next several days to see which one of these I finally go with. And if you want to experience the same amazing journey with me, click and join each of these three top performing PTCs today.

I welcome your comments. Which of these do you think deserves to replace ProBux? Do you have other recommendations? Will you keep clicking at ProBux? How do you get past this and move on?

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9 Comments on ProBux – The Walking Dead

  1. Mandy Moomy says:

    What you’re saying is so true – used to be great but then so many problems – none of my referrals have clicked for over 2 weeks now – I think it is time to leave – shame as it was claimed to be the next Neobux :(

  2. Kathy says:

    I would like to recommend this PTC to you. This pays, paidverts is part of crowdfunding,My Traffic Value, the owner is transparent, has a good rep on line, when cashing out it takes about 9 days. It is different, but because of all the other things they are doing, I think this will be a money maker.
    My Traffic Value
    40a De Quincey Terrace
    Highland Park, Auckland 2010
    New Zealand
    Tel: (+34) 951 243 987

    If you do decide to join, my sponsor sends me letters on in and outs and some ways to work this to get great results, that I would share with you. I love to see people making it!

    I am enjoying and learning from your posts, thanks Peter.

    Kathy Clouse
    Treasure Trove Gems
    “Giving a Hand UP to those in need”

  3. Dyanna Yarbro says:

    Thanks for the info on Probux. I’ve been clicking a few ads a day just trying to get enough funds to place an advertisement. Now I can spend my time elsewhere.

  4. Tame Bear says:

    Real news about any of the PTC sites is not easy to come by, and in its absence what little information we have is unconfirmed rumors and speculation. One site I pay attention to is PTC Central — here’s what they have to say about ProBux, and a possible connection with ZapBux and FuseBux: The article includes half a dozen links to other sites with blog posts about ProBux.

  5. bruce says:

    have you been getting paid by OJOOO? I was a free member and they would not pay me and then i could not get on their site. Are they scam site too.Sounds like a lot of people having the same thing happen to them. good luck with that site.

  6. I like you writing style Tame, but i have to worn you that ptc websites that offer renting referrals, are scamming people.

    The reason is because the renting referrals process is designed in such way to make always make you lose $1 – $3 each time. The only ones who are earning through the renting referrals system are the ones who buy the Ultimate Membership level (menaing that they spend thousands every year) because they get the money from the ”weak” ptc members.

    I wrote a big article on this issue in my blog. You can visit it by clicking on my name if you would like to rad it.

  7. Tame Bear says:

    Pavlos, I read your post about Renting Referrals. If you’ve followed my story from the beginning you know I put a considerable sum of money into renting referrals within the first several months of getting into PTCs as a serious business. My biggest problem was how to quantify whether it was money well-spent or not. The added income from RRs can be substantial. But are you earning more from them than you paid? Not easy to assess.

    In the last quarter of the year (the big advertising season for the PTCs) like right now, I think it can be profitable to rent referrals. But for the other nine months of the year, when ads are way down and referrals are giving up and quitting, RRs can be a big waste of money.

    You are certainly correct that if an owner is not ethical and presents bots as if they are actual users for rent, that’s a scam and should be avoided. But how do you know? I think the reputable PTCs are the ones that have been around for a few years, who are not just here to scam people and then vanish.

    It is not obvious to me that ProBux has been using bots as fake RRs, but I sure saw the clicks decline to almost nothing within a month or two after the first of the year. It was a steep fall-off in clicking.

    My takeaway is that there is a definite annual business cycle in the PTC biz, and the best time to rent referrals is NOW during the last three months of the year. That said, I a renting way fewer this year than last year because I have more Direct Referrals. In the long run, I want my business to be based entirely on Direct Referrals and not use Referral Renting at all to try and boost income.

  8. If you want to use the money you have in probux you can try putting an advert to promote clixsense because clixsense is whitelisted and does not need to be approved. That’s what I did.

  9. Tame Bear says:

    ATTENTION: As of the past several weeks, WordLinx is not paying, and I have removed it from my Core 4. Every time I try to cashout, I get this message:

    Cashout limit reached. Please try again later.

    I will spend my earnings there (about $15) on advertising, and stop clicking at WordLinx. I recommend you come to your own conclusions, based on your experience. But in my view WordLinx is an underperform. I won’t remove it from my portfolio just yet, but I won’t be using it unless I see some indication the situation has improved.

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