FEEL the universe around you. Fall into the moment and let all your senses explore this now.

When you’ve done that, slowly take your focus to the spot on earth where you are located, in this moment.

Feel the whole earth, this amazing planet, splayed out around you.

SEE how it is connected as one thing with this NOW, this moment you are experiencing.

This planet beneath you
swings a wide arc around the sun
and the sun likewise makes it’s way
with a host of other suns and planets
along an arm of the Milky Way galaxy,
which itself is fleeing nearly all other galaxies,
some at almost the speed of light,
which is as far as we can see.

FEEL this moment SEE how this one NOW is all a seamless wavefront of light, a scintillating dance of photon energy escaping along the axis of time outwards at the speed of light relative to the farthest stars at the horizon.

 Shed, trashcan, wheelbarrow, now.

IMAGINE these moments as veils of time, arrayed in layers from past to future. Your path through this layered veil is a cloud chamber trace of ADJACENT POSSIBLE moments that were realized and made matter in you. By you, along with the rest of the universe in each moment.

A pearl string of glittering NOWS tracks the course of your life in this universe.

From each vantage point in the veil, you have choices presenting themselves, inviting you to CHOOSE THEM and go one way and not the other.

The lattice of spacetime holds ALL these moments, all the possibilities and their many branching adjacents, and they are all real, many more than you can imagine.

This is THE MULTIVERSE where everything that could have happened or may yet happen IS being forever in the oneness of ALL-THAT-IS.

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