Sharpen your spreadsheets everybody because today we are going to take an in-depth look at TrafficMonsoon, a hybrid advertising and revenue sharing company that combines a Traffic Exchange (TE) and a Paid-To-Click (PTC) with wholesale purchases of advertising at other TEs and PTCs across the web. TrafficMonsoon has been on a steady growth path for about a year now and is currently among the Alexa top 1,000 sites. Let’s see why it’s getting that kind of traction.

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NOTE: This is not a fast money-maker, but it will be generating ongoing advertising as you steadily increase your earnings over time.


When you join TrafficMonsoon you can advertise your web site for free on their TE, earning one ad credit for every two pages you view — like many other TEs on the web. But TrafficMonsoon has a unique twist on upgrades… Purchase any Traffic Package (AdPack) and you become a TrafficMonsoon member for life. Yes, one purchase and you are a lifetime member

AdPacks offer a mix of advertising: TE credits, PTC credits, and Banner display credits. As a member you will get a 1:1 credit ratio in the TE.  You will also earn a share of the site’s revenues every day you log in and click at least 10 sites in the TE.

Members also gain access to TrafficMonsoon’s PTC, where you can earn income by clicking and viewing ads. Compared to other PTCs, TrafficMonsoon pays about the same per click, and offers a similar number of ads to click each day.

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

Members earn about $1 every day just by clicking to view the minimum 10 sites. For marketers who do a little TE and PTC traffic surfing every day, this is an easy requirement to fulfill.

An AdPack is $50, which is quite pricey for the actual advertising credits you get (compared to other TEs and PTCs), but the revenue sharing returns about $1 per day, up to $55 per AdPack purchased.

Did you get that?

When you buy an AdPack, in addition to the advertising credits you will earn $55 over about 55 days.

Obviously, being able to earn back your original advertising expense plus an extra $5 has made AdPacks a popular purchase. Consequently TrafficMonsoon is experiencing amazing cashflow, bringing in lots of money through AdPack sales and returning it to members in the form of revenue sharing.

TrafficMonsoon - 55 Days55 DAYS

So over a period of about two months, you get

  • TE and PTC credits to advertise your primary business and build your list.
  • Some pocket change from the PTC every day.
  • Net $5 in revenue sharing by end of the period.

Earning $5 plus change over two months is about 10¢ to 15¢ per day, similar to regular PTCs. If you purchase a new AdPack each month, you’ll earn another $5 in about two months. After 20 months, you will have earned over $50, which pays for another AdPack. You have doubled your money, and now you are earning for free. If you reinvest your earnings each period, you can keep advertising, and earning, essentially for free. (And pocketing your PTC earnings.) TrafficMonsoon is an awesome advertising engine.

And because of that amazing cashflow, the more you put in at the start, the more you earn every day. $1 per AdPack per day. Net $5 per AdPack per period.

EXAMPLE: Buy 5 AdPacks, earn $5 per day, Net $25 per period. The more AdPacks you buy, the more advertising you get.


Here it is in a spreadsheet, starting with one AdPack and reinvesting your money every two months. (CLICK for a sharper view.)


Keep reinvesting your original $50 each month. After 10 periods, you have enough in earnings to buy a second AdPack – free. As you are able to earn more, you can buy more AdPacks, and begin to get massive advertising over time. That’s the Traffic Monsoon!


You’ve now seen what you can do on your own, using TrafficMonsoon. Of course like most traffic resources, TrafficMonsoon also offers a referral program. You will earn $5 on every AdPack purchased by your referrals. Clearly it pays to invite others to join TrafficMonsoon.

Here is another spreadsheet, this time adding just one new referral every period (about every two months), and assuming they start with one AdPack and reinvest their earnings just like you. You will now be earning more money than you need to keep adding to your AdPacks, so you can begin to TAKE PROFITS. The last column on the right shows your accumulating profits over time. (CLICK to view larger spreadsheet.)


As with any referral program, it takes time for profits to grow, but after awhile they begin to snowball as you continue to add referrals and they make purchases.

Notice that without referrals, you will have just 2 active AdPacks after 24 months. With referrals you will have 10 AdPacks after 24 months, and 141 AdPacks after 48 months. That is massive traffic from your AdPacks, and a nicely growing profit over time.


You always have to wonder with any referral program if it will be sustainable over time. TrafficMonsoon does not pay on multiple levels — it is not an MLM. You will only earn from your direct referrals when they make purchases.

TrafficMonsoon makes it’s money by buying traffic at wholesale and selling it to members at a significant retail markup. Your advertising will be shown on many TEs and PTCs all across the web. By purchasing AdPacks, your ad pages will be seen by far more people than those surfing the TE and PTC within TrafficMonsoon.

The unique combination of a TE, a PTC, wholesale purchasing, and the minimum 10 clicks per day requirement are what set TrafficMonsoon apart from other programs that have attempted to construct this kind of advertising engine. It should be sustainable, and profitable, for both the program owners and their members and users.

Still, if you put $50 in and get $55 back after two months, you have to wonder… where does that additional $5 come from? It comes from the traffic generated by all members and users during that period of time, traffic that it can sell to existing and new members.


Consider this scenario. 1,000 people join TrafficMonsoon, but as typically happens, only a minority of them actually pay for advertising. Let’s say only 200 people pay $50 each for one AdPack. They are now revenue-sharing members. If they log in and click the minimum 10 clicks per day they will each earn $55 after two months. The remaining 800 people surf for free advertising in the TE, or click to earn in the PTC.

In just one day, TrafficMonsoon takes in $10,000 from those 1,000 new members.

Both those purchasing AdPacks and those who are in it for free are generating traffic — page views that TrafficMonsoon can sell to other existing members or new members. Suppose each of our 1,000 members surfs 50 pages per day. (50 pages per day is about what it takes to keep your web site flush with credits and receiving visits in the TE every day.) That’s 50,000 page views that TrafficMonsoon can sell to others. Every day.

An AdPack is $50 for 1000 TE page views and 20 PTC clicks. So TrafficMonsoon can sell 50 AdPacks for it’s 50,000 user-generated page views. That earns TrafficMonsoon $2,500 — every day. And any time there are more AdPack buyers than it’s own TE can satisfy, TrafficMonsoon can buy traffic wholesale at other TEs to meet that demand.

At the end of 55 days, TrafficMonsoon is going to pay it’s revenue share to those original 200 out of 1,000 users who bought AdPacks. During that time, TrafficMonsoon took in $2,500 per day = $137,500. It will pay out $55 to each AdPack buyer = $11,000. With plenty of profit left over to pay it’s PTC users. Obviously TrafficMonsoon can continue to do this for quite some  time, so long as there are AdPack buyers who like getting $55 in revenue share for every $50 they spend on advertising.


TrafficMonsoon also sells login ads for just $35 per day. (They are sold out for the next 11 months!) And they sell Credit Packages for those who don’t want to surf. And they sell Text ads that appear throughout the site.


Is TrafficMonsoon effective advertising? Does it get signups, conversions, and sales? That is something I am tracking, but I do not make a determination about ad effectiveness until at least 10,000 page views. It will take more time before my own AdPack purchases have been seen by that many people. In the meantime, check this page (below) for comments because that’s how I will be updating you on everything else I learn about TrafficMonsoon. Please Join Me in this exciting TE/PTC/Revenue Sharing adventure!

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  1. Tame Bear says:

    I sent a broadcast to my team when I first published this post a week ago. Since then I have updated the “DEEP ANALYSIS” section with a 1,000-user scenario that illustrates how TrafficMonsoon is able to pay the generous revenue shares it offers to AdPack-purchasing members. Try running the numbers yourself and you’ll see that TrafficMonsoon is doing fine financially and has built an evergreen “advertising engine” that will be going for a long time to come.

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