I’m writing to my PTC team today to let everyone know what’s working well for me, and I won’t just talk in generalities. I’m giving you the real numbers, and I will also fill you in on my 3 Top Advertising Resources.

I have learned that the best way to build a business is to build a list — an email list. So I am really focused on getting more RocketResponder opt-in subscribers. My PTC advertising page is a hybrid splash/signup page and I’ve been using the same page for over three years to build my Amazing Tale email list and form a team where everybody makes money in the Paid-To-Click arena.

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I advertise at a great variety of sites to get new subscribers. (One saavy marketer told me once, “That bear is everywhere!” And I try to be.) I am also tracking everything so I learn to know what advertising resources are particularly good, and I can focus my money and time on them and quit spending money where it isn’t working effectively.

That brings us to my first Top Ad Resource, which is…


Yes, ClickTrackProfit is an excellent place to advertise and get subscribers. Right now my signup splash page is the Login Spotlight Ad of the day. Everyone logging in all day today will see that ad. It’s just $10 to advertise there. Perhaps you’ve seen it? :)

There are lots of other good reasons to be a member at ClickTrackProfit, but one of the least appreciated is that it is a really good place to advertise.

Today, on Day 842 of “The Amazing Tale,” my spotlight ad is running for 24 hours starting at midnight. As I write this post, it is now about 10am.

Since midnight this morning that ad has gotten 860 page views and 14 signups. That’s a conversion rate of 1.63% in the first 10 hours. I like that! Which is why I run one or two spotlight ads on ClickTrackProfit every month. If I get 30 signups today, the cost is just 33¢ for each new subscriber.

I first wrote about ClickTrackProfit on Day 141 of “The Amazing Tale,” and if you are not already a member I strongly encourage you to join free and check it out.


Also today I am advertising at the NEWLY LAUNCHED PandaProfits Paid-To-Click site, owned and operated by people you may already know: Janelle Pineau, Patrick Griffin, Tom Wacker, and Bill Gorcsi. They all work for TimTech, the business behind ClickTrackProfit. I actually got a PandaProfits invite early on Thanksgiving Day when the site was in “stealth launch.” Somehow I’ve gotten onto their TE Owners list. (No, I don’t own a TE.)

Because I know these guys, I joined immediately and began promoting PandaProfits within the hour, tacking it onto a Thanksgiving message I was already preparing to send to my list. And when I looked at their ad rates, I immediately bought 5,000 ad credits. Here are my results:

So far today I have had 155 page views and 2 signups. Conversion rate: 1.29% and the day isn’t half over yet. I like that! Just out of the starting gate, and I think PandaProfits will be HUGE.

That’s number two. And here’s one more…


Actually I have been upgraded and advertising on LeadsLeap for over a year. It’s kinda pricey ($20/month) but when you see my conversion rate you’ll understand why I upgraded. You can join for free, get a free ad placement and test it out for as long as you like. I tested my free ad for a full year and got consistently high conversion rates. If you track it you can see.

Upgrading increases your page views and number of conversions. The conversion rate remains the same, but upgraded members can show more ads.

So far today I have had just 5 page views and 1 signup. But look — the conversion rate is 20%! And the day isn’t half over yet. I typically get 2 signups per day. That’s about 60 new subscribers per month for my $20. Or about 33¢ per signup. I like that! Why not join LeadsLeap and start testing your own ad page there.


So that’s 3 Top Ad Resources to show your ad pages and get more signups to your email lists. So far I have 17 new subscribers, and hope to double that by end of the day. At these 3 Top Advertising Sites. I hope you are using at least one of these already.

The tracking numbers of course come from Trck.me, from TimTech, the best-in-class ad tracker that is so good they’ll never give it away for free. It’s definitely worth paying for because it’s how you know what’s working and WHERE TO ADVERTISE. (Did you notice that all the referral links above are trck.me links?)

If you are not yet using Trck.me for analyzing and improving your ad conversion rates then please please please get with it now.

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