Boom! Gone. That’s the fastest, loudest, most unfortunate PTC death I’ve seen since I started in this business over two years ago. CashNHits was here yesterday and today it’s gone. And with the biggest boldest “Account Suspended” sign I’ve seen in web hosting.

CashNHits - Account Suspended


An “Account Suspended” page can have several meanings. Sometimes it means the web hosting firm hasn’t been paid. Or that the account holder was violating their hosting terms of agreement. Or that there’s some other kind of hosting-related dispute going on. A web site hosting company has the keys to switch off any web site on it’s servers easily, and instantly.

Whatever the reason, CashNHits, in business since 2009, with over 500,000 members and after nearly $630,000 USD in cashouts, is now gone.

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I call it unfortunate, because it coincides with my winning the Spotlight page today at Click-Track-Profit. CashNHits is among my “Core 4” PTCs featured on my “Amazing Tale” ad page. Everyone logging in at CTP today is seeing that ad. (Welcome to all our brand new Tame Bear Team members who joined from that Spotlight ad page today.)


Despite the instant disappearance of this highly-regarded Paid-To-Click advertising site, I must say there were some warning signs, starting in early November 2015, that CashNHits might be having troubles. The Withdrawals page was “temporarily” disabled, with a message saying they were checking accounts for cheaters. It went on to say that withdrawals would be available again on November 8th — a period of less than 10 days. The date came and went, but still no restoration of withdrawal functionality. I wanted to cashout my latest earnings (about $9) before the end of December, so when I was not able to make a withdrawal, and the admin message had not changed, I submitted a support ticket, and got a reply back that accounts were still under review.

Naturally I’d rather not promote PTCs that don’t pay, so I’d begun reviewing my “portfolio” to select a suitable replacement for CashNHits in my Core 4.

Then just after the new year, a new sign appeared: my main balance had jumped from $9.28 to $680.28! And I realized that I appeared to be earning $20 per click. That couldn’t be right, but the error wasn’t resolved the next day, or the day after that. So yesterday I submitted another support ticket: “Has Your Site Been Hacked?

That was yesterday. And today, Boom! Gone.

For those of you who were actively earning at CashNHits, what’s your take on all this? How will you respond in your own PTC business? What impact does it have on your advertising or your own team of referrals?

Goodbye CashNHitsMY CORE 4

Keep an eye on my Amazing Tale ad page — that will likely be how you first know what I’ve replaced it with in my Core 4. (I’ll also send a broadcast to my list about it.) In the meantime I have redirected that link to my “Sorry” page so anyone clicking will know the site is no longer available.

This is also a good time to say I’m always happy to receive your recommendations  — what you consider to be among the best Paid-To-Click sites, the ones that you especially like, and why. Simply reply to any of my emails. If I am not already a member, chances are you will get MORE BEAR in your downline. And of course, I click all the ads, every day, and I encourage you to do the same.


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7 Comments on CashNHits Here and Gone

  1. Peter Skuta says:

    Dear Peter,

    I contacted them and they were hacked. They will come back shortly :-)

  2. Tame Bear says:

    And just a day later… No more “Account Suspended” message. (Did web site and hosting service kiss and make up? Or is CashNHits now hosted elsewhere?) No familiar site pages are visible, just this brief message:

    Hi all Cashnhits was hacked couple of days ago and we will try to get it back by this weekend. Also will be posting more news about the site etc as we not have been able to give updates for past many days. Apologies for the issues.

    Maybe some things really can rise from the dead. I for one am willing to wait and see.

  3. Tame Bear says:

    Thanks to @Keithbee over at Twitter for including this story on the demise of CashNHits, in the business section of “The Keith Butterworth Daily.”

  4. Peter Skuta says:

    I just made a little business research on the domains and hosts and i found a super high thing ;-) the name server where the domains were connected EXPIRED and it is in a redemption period !!!! the name server is located so it looks like that only a miracle can help them to come back ;-)

  5. Peter Skuta says:

    Also another main important point is that owner of the domain has several dead businesses even with tons of visitors like 40k…

  6. Peter says:

    Hi all Cashnhits was hacked couple of days ago and we will try to get it back by this weekend. Also will be posting more news about the site etc as we not have been able to give updates for past many days. Apologies for the issues.

  7. Tame Bear says:

    ATTENTION: CashNHits is gone, PandaProfits is IN.

    Read “CashNHits Here and Gone” for details. PandaProfits is new in my “Core 4” PTCs, from a known and trusted TimTech alumni crew. Have a look and get signed up today. It is just getting started.

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