This very instant, which we call NOW, is undoubtedly one of the deepest mysteries of life — how one NOW becomes a Then, and some possible Tomorrow emerges to become the new NOW.

DT-Here And Now
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Two things about NOW particularly fascinate me …

  1. How quickly most of our NOWs start to vanish, being only memories in our minds; and memories fade in time, and are altered in their retelling. Even photos of a previous NOW fade and become corrupted. There is little of any NOW that can be preserved for any very long period in the sweep of eons.
  2. The immense possibilities that exist in Tomorrow! And only one of them will become NOW. This is astonishing! There are at any moment, so many possible things that could happen, and yet only one of them emerges from the fog of potentiality and becomes a real NOW.

That moment-by-moment emergence of one NOW is what I have come to view as the ongoing act of Creation. It is a dance we are actively engaged in, since so many NOWs happen because we have actively chosen them. Think of it as Dancing with God.

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