Mister Trump is a “grifter.”

A grifter is not merely a con artist; a grifter is the epitome of deceit, the lowest of the low in the hierarchy of humanity.

Imagine a person so devoid of morals that they thrive on the misfortune and gullibility of others, swindling them out of their hard-earned money through elaborate frauds. A grifter’s existence revolves around betrayal and manipulation, weaving intricate lies to ensnare the unsuspecting. They prey on trust and kindness, exploiting every opportunity to enrich themselves at the expense of their victims.

Donald Trump’s Twelve Stages of Lying

Grifters are vultures in human form, circling and waiting for the perfect moment to strike, leaving their targets in financial ruin and emotional devastation. They are the antithesis of honor and integrity, embodying everything vile and despicable.

If there is one type of person you should steer clear of, it is a grifter, for they represent the most obscene and disgusting form of low-life, a cancer on society that thrives on the destruction of others’ lives. To trust a grifter is to invite disaster, as they will stop at nothing to achieve their selfish ends, leaving a trail of broken dreams and shattered trust in their wake.

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