SO HERE’S MY BURING QUESTION for today: Why is there so much CASH in the ads? It seems like 1 out of 5 ads is flashing the cash. I keep seeing it every day as I’m doing my PTC clicks.

Briefcases full of cash. Grocery bags stuffed with cash. Cute models waving handfuls of cash. Young guys in suits going gaga over cash. Cash raining down from the sky. Big wads of cash.

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Does anyone actually think they’ll start receiving grocery bags full of cash if they join one of these programs? Really?  Ok, there was a chain-letter type program a few years ago where you send a $20 bill in the mail to someone at the bottom of the list and you add your own name at the top. But, come on

  1. That kind of program is ILLEGAL, and
  2. Sending cash in the mail is not just STUPID it’s strongly discouraged by the US Postal Service.


So what’s the deal with all this cash in the ads? Why does anyone think that’s an appealing pitch?

When I see a load of cash in an ad, first thing I wonder is “What drugs did they sell to rake in that much cash?” followed by “How are they going to launder it?”

I’ve read that if you want to feel rich, go to your bank and withdraw a handful of $100 bills. Put the wad in your pocket, and walk around with it for a day or so. Personally I think that’s another STUPID idea that will have no effect whatsoever on your earning power. I’ve never carried more than $150 in my wallet, and even then it was only because I was going on vacation.

See that wad of cash in the picture above? That’s the take from my garage sale last summer. Yes, I really did receive a $100 bill. One $100 bill. The rest are $20s or smaller. I didn’t walk around with the wad in my pocket — I drove it straight to the bank and deposited it.

Do you think I should use that picture in an ad? Do you think it would work for me? Why or why not?

Are you a member at Sweeva traffic exchange? It’s where everyone sees the same ad page at the same time. Neat concept. I try to surf Sweeva every day. Sweeva invites you to give each ad page a thumbs up or a thumbs down. I’m not really into the ad judging thing, so I just give every ad page a thumbs-up… unless it’s flashing the cash. If an ad tries to wave cash in my face, it gets my instant thumbs-down.

What do you think? Is it ridiculous, all the cash we see in ads every day? Or do you think it’s effective advertising? Why? If it’s effective, why do you think it works? What’s the psychology behind it? Or if it really doesn’t work, why do advertisers seem to think it will? Add your comments, let’s discuss.

2 Comments on A Big Wad of Cash

  1. Kathy Clouse says:

    I took a course in advertising, the basics and all ads are designed to appeal to our inner natures, greed and sex, and I am sure there was more, I just do not remember them at the moment. Long time ago. One of the examples used was an ad for shrimp. Yummy shrimp, after the class I have never cooked or eaten a shrimp without thinking about the lesson. The little shrimps are arranged in sexual positions on the plate. Your sub-conscious mind see’s that and says, wow, I have to eat those shrimp and maybe I will get lucky! Same with car ads, if I buy a beautiful car, I will get lucky and get a beautiful girl to go with it..

    The money shown appeals to our sub-conscious minds, greed, getting something for nothing, living the fantasy life. When these are shown over and over, it takes effect. A large amount of people sign up for all that crazy stuff, are they stupid? NO..they just haven’t stepped back and said, “okay, Kathy, do you really think that for $9.99 you won’t have to do anything and will make a million dollars in a month”

    The pricing is also geared for our inner selfs…which is better…$9.98 or $10.00?? You will grab the lower one and maybe save .02c, but doubt it. The marketer has already added his marked up prices, so no loss for him. We used to do inventory for different stores and I was shocked to see 150 to 200% mark-ups.

    The cash is effective, lots of man hours have gone into research to promote what sells. As long as we allow our sub-conscious desires to control us, we are trapped.

  2. On my web site I have some money bags in the photo. But when you read what I say, I let people know they won’t make a lot of money right away. If they did, would either be illegal or a scam. My site does say you can make a lot of money with persistence and hard work.

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