Paid-to-click online business, parts and assembly

Putting lots of pieces together to build your online business

By now you’ve surely seen plenty of ads declaring instant riches in just a few days or months. Often with piles of of $100 bills to help you get the picture.


Don’t be fooled. Just because a buy-before-it’s-gone “guru secrets” program is offered for way less than the “actual value” does not mean you’re getting a good deal for your $$$ special offer price.

There are no real secrets in online business; just a particular set of tools, training and skills that everyone needs to acquire and study and learn and upgrade and practice in order to start earning and become successful.

By telling my own story in this blog series my goal is to show you the specific components I’ve adopted to build an effective marketing system. And I hope I can also help you avoid some of the worst mistakes in the business. I offer this teaching freely because I know if you are successful, that will also help me be successful.

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You will still make mistakes, as I have. Hopefully every misstep can also become a learning experience that makes you a sharper smarter and more ethical marketer. That’s what it takes to make a lasting contribution in the networked information culture we find ourselves in today.

Unfortunately there’s an unusual amount of gambles, con-games, bait-and-switch, shysterism, unethical hype and swindling designed to suck you in and entice you to fork over your cash. Not everything that gleams is gold.

Don’t believe the hype.

Professional ethical online marketing is a job like any other, with it’s own unique set of skills to develop over time.


It takes anywhere from 3 to 5 years to learn how to build an online business. You have to figure out…

  • How to generate tons of traffic
  • How to know what to promote
  • How to choose your upline
  • How to be an affiliate and build downlines
  • How to create effective advertising
  • How to track your ads and increase conversions
  • How to spend your money wisely
  • How to build your online brand identity
  • How to choose a dependable hosting service
  • How to set up your own WordPress web site
  • How to write ad copy that sells
  • How to build your email list
  • How to use an autoresponder
  • How to create value for your list
  • How to connect all these pieces into a marketing system
  • How to develop your own viral program
  • How to monetize your web site

You need to absorb a whole lot of specialized know-how and begin putting it together before you ever begin to get some traction and start earning some money.


No way around it — this takes time.

All this is to say 1) Be patient. 2) Stick with it. 3) Learn more every day. 4) Focus on understanding how all these pieces fit together.

My story, which you’ve been following now for some 250 days, is intended to help you build your own working system, a marketing system with all the parts connected and working effectively to attract your own followers and guide them to become successful.

Day 250
Day 250
Day 250
Days To Profit
at $2.79 / day
247 days


The most important thing is: don’t quit. Even if at first you thought online marketing was going to be a quick route to riches, don’t quit. Even though the work at times seems daunting, I hope you will be among the 2-3% who actually manage to stick with it and reap the rewards from building your own marketing system and seeing it through to great success.

My greatest desire is to help you succeed, and I have lots more to show you about professional online marketing, how to assemble the parts and build something of lasting value so that you too can achieve deep downlines at every stage in the building process, and pass on what you have learned to others.

And as always, I wish you the best of success.

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