Thanks again for following my story — I hope it helps you achieve your own success in Paid-To-Click. This post is actually a flash forward from a year after I embarked on my Amazing Tale of 4 PTCs.”

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What I want to share with you today (rather than a year from now) is that well-managed Paid-To-Click sites, operated by reputable owners, that make money and pay their members reliably and without delay… these sites are as rare as unicorns.

It turns out that many of the new PTC sites you’ll see launched and heavily promoted in the months ahead will be GONE within a year or less. Here one day, gone the next, disappearing from the internet and taking member earnings with them. Sometimes it is through poor planning or mismanagement that sites fail. Sometimes it is because the owners were never to be trusted, and planned from the beginning to make off with lots of other people’s money.

I hope to steer you away from the mis-managed sites and the unethical “scam” sites so you are able to earn consistently from a handful of well-run sites that are here to stay.


4 PTCs Snapshot1Cheap PTC scripts are easy for anyone to buy these days. A college student can run a PTC out of their dorm room. When anyone can buy a script, register a domain name, design a logo, and have their site up and running within a week or less, there are bound to be plenty of failures. To remain in business for more than a year or more, owners need to operate like a business.

They need to respect their members, provide great customer support, and ensure they are not building the next new ponzi scheme that will implode within a few months and disappear. They need to run a profitable business that rewards members and advertisers, and honors the agreement to pay for your clicks.


4 PTCs Snapshot2The “Core 4” PTCs will always be ones where I have earned consistently and completed several successful cashouts. Sites where I am on my way to predictable profit. The Core 4 are sites where you can be confident about upgrading, where you’ll earn more for your commitment. Sites that you can feel really good about using. Sites that have stood the test of time. My Core 4 are sites that I am confident will be around for years to come.

That said, I want you to understand that the Core 4 will change from time to time as the best of the best sites rise to the top.

Paid-To-Click is a time-friendly second income that does not require more than an hour of your time every day to click all the available ads and earn increasing returns as you recruit your own direct referrals and build your downlines.


My commitment to you is to introduce you to the BEST PTCs the industry has to offer, and show you how I am using them to keep building more income.

In return I ask that you use my referral links to join any of these PTCs if you are not already in. And I want you to commit to treating this as a business, tracking both your income and expenses (I’ll show you how) so you can see when you are approaching and achieving net profit. This won’t happen overnight, or in a mere month or two. As in any business, you must commit. Plan to spend at least a year to reach net profit.

Net profit means you are earning as much as you are spending. Your first year expenses will only be recovered after you reach net profit. I want to see you through to that happy outcome.

Treating PTCs as a genuine business means showing up every day and clicking all available ads. It will take about an hour a day. I am not looking for bystanders and gawkers here. If you cannot commit to a business-like approach and dedicate yourself to the task every day for an entire year… then The Amazing Tale is probably not for you.


4 PTCs Snapshot3My Core 4 PTCs are the best available today. They are the top tier. Of course even well-run and reputable sites can stumble and fall. And some owners are simply not to be trusted.

As you follow my story, you’ll see where I tried and failed with a few of these “shady” PTCs — shiny new sites that looked great, earned great, but in the end never paid a penny for all the time and effort members put into clicking and promoting them. Sites that were here one day and GONE the next.

That has happened a couple times during my first year in the PTC business, and you’ll read all about these change-ups in the days to come. I am always quietly testing more sites on your behalf so you can focus on the good ones and avoid the losers.

There will naturally be change-ups in the Core 4 from time to time.

If any of the Core 4 sites stumble badly or fail, you will be the first to know, and I will move quickly to replace them in the lineup.

Give this business a full year — 365 days — spending an hour to click every day, and conduct your own effective marketing to attract a following of your own and build your downlines. (I’ll show you how.) I expect you to use your own good judgement in joining anything I recommend. Do your own research, take responsibility for your own business decisions, and learn everything you can, from all the resources available to you.

After one year, you will know whether you love this business or not, and you can decide for yourself whether to continue or cut bait. You will not make a ton of money in your first year. Less than a year and you could quit before something beautiful has a chance to happen. But one year is long enough to see what the future holds.

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  1. M.L.Bherota says:

    As I told you earlier I have already joined 4 sites suggested by you ( I don’t know who my uplines are) Now I am following you and will join your team.

  2. Tame Bear says:

    Sounds great, M.L. — glad to have you on Tame Bear Team.

  3. I have joined newly. Really your cooperation is always appreciated and must be followed as a perfect guider to earn some extra online.

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