Welcome to all our new subscribers to Tame Bear’s Amazing Tale of 4 PTCs,” my personal journey in Paid-To-Click advertising and earning. This is a subscriber-wide broadcast to alert you to some important changes in the PTC sector.

I’ve made a change-up in my Amazing Tale Core 4 PTCs. One Paid-To-Click site has been added, and one has been removed. ClixSense and NeoBux remain the reliables in my Core 4 since Day 1. But I recently moved LeadsLeap to the top spot because it has been an effective lead generation system since 2008, building a network of members who place ad “widgets” on their own web sites. In late 2015 LeadsLeap launched v2.0 and introduced their own unique take on Paid-To-Click. Members now participate in revenue sharing by viewing ad pages, using a custom viewer/timer. I am happy to recommend it.

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Since 2008 LeadsLeap has been delivering above-average conversions to its members, through a novel blog-based advertising network that keeps growing as it brings in new members. LeadsLeap is a newcomer to the PTC scene, but has a deep knowledge of business management, and I’ve been very pleased with the earnings, as it continues to deliver high-converting leads to my own advertising.


Launched quietly on Thanksgiving Day in 2015, PandaProfits was one of the most promising PTCs to come along in some time, based on the quality and experience of their ownership team. Initially they were adding 30 to 50 new referrals every day. But it was not to last. They reportedly spent too much money on advertising, and within just five months they had spent everything they earned and had no more money left to pay current cashouts. It was a classic case of undercapitalization and not managing expenses. A sad demise.


Core4CashNHitsAt CashNHits, withdrawals had been suspended for several weeks, and then it appears the site was hacked. I hope CashNHits can make a comeback, but I’m not holding my breath.


To make room for this newcomer to the Core 4, I have moved ScarletClicks to the fourth spot. ScarletClicks continues to be one of the best PTCs to be in, because it is a well-run program with longevity, in operation since 2009. ScarletClicks is not a great earner, but it is a steady reliable earner that pays, and I continue to recommend it. It should be one of your own top four PTCs. If you are not yet in ScarletClicks, please click my referral link and join today.


WordLinx, which had been in the fourth spot, has been knocked out — for good reason. WordLinx appears to be having trouble paying. I received one cashout from WordLinx back on Day 493. Since then I earned another $15 but have not been able to cashout, after trying every day for over two weeks. So it looks like WordLinx is currently unable to pay.

Though demoted, I continued to click at WordLinx until my annual membership ran out. Then I got the double-stacked ads, and that was enough to decide WordLinx should no longer be in my “PTC Portfolio.” WordLinx is OUT.


It has been over half a year since I received a cashout from Ojooo! My last cashout request for $95.72 is still pending. If you are not already in Ojooo, I do not recommend that you join at this time. Ojooo is OUT.

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  1. Michelle says:

    I agree with how you feel about Wordlinx. I’m so frustrated with them, I no longer directly promote their link. All they do is send emails, claiming we will be earning more, but instead, we earn less. Not only that, but I had trouble cashing out. For a month they kept saying, “Cash out limit reached, try again later.” I was getting pretty mad. Frankly, I think it was a BIG mistake for them to change how we earn on our referrals. It’s NOT working! The earnings didn’t increase at all! In fact, quite the opposite! Not only that, but there are less and less 1 cent links to click on. Clearly, they don’t know what they are doing and it shows! And if they don’t get their act together, this site will end up going down!

  2. Tame Bear says:

    Yes, that “Cash out limit reached, try again later” message is what I was seeing for the past couple weeks. My best guess is it means they don’t have enough money coming into their PayPal account to pay all the cashout requests. Which likely means they’ve been drawing out too much for themselves and not leaving enough reserve for those of us who have earned it.

    For a PTC owner, there will probably always be times now and again when not enough ad revenue is coming in to support the flow of money going out, so they need to have a reserve to cover those times. And if they don’t, then they are simply not managing the business well. Managing cashflow is key to any successful business. Those who don’t figure out how to make it work end up going out of business. Hard to tell if that’s where WordLinx is at this point.

  3. Tame Bear says:

    In Michelle’s comment above, she says “…this site will end up going down!” and certainly WordLinx will go down if it continues to not pay it’s participating members. But so far the site is still going. I log in and click every few days, mainly just to see if it still functioning. What I’ve noticed over this past month is there are FEWER ads. Very few people are spending their earnings or any new money on advertising at WordLinx. It could be that people are now simply abandoning the site. Time will tell if they can turn that trend around. In the meantime, I’ll still log in and click a few ads but I recommend you not bother with WordLinx if you are not already a member there.

  4. Tame Bear says:

    ATTENTION: CashNHits is gone, PandaProfits is IN.

    Read “CashNHits Here and Gone” for details. PandaProfits is new from a known and trusted TimTech alumni crew. Have a look and get signed up today. It is just getting started.

  5. Ray Wizard says:

    I was reluctant to join anything related to TimTech after my experience with Nerdbux but with you endorsement I jumped on board. I have been specializing on sites with rented referrals. Hopefully this will be added as they grow larger.
    Will be in touch,

  6. Tame Bear says:

    I too have been cautious with anything from TimTech since the NerdBux failure, though I still use CTP and the related TEs every day since I have lifetime upgrades in almost all the TimTech sites. I continue to believe that TimTech lacked experience with how to grow a PTC reliably and retain profits. Then it grew very rapidly, and they GAVE AWAY too much to their members. Too many discounts, deals and specials. But it was probably when Tim altered the Evolution source code to pay for every single referral click that really put NerdBux into a tailspin. (See “Amazing Tale: All I Can Say Is – Whoa!“) It might have seemed like a small thing at the time, but with NerdBux’s rapid growth, that turned into a flood of outgoing cash to members with the most referrals. (I lost nearly $200 in earnings when TimTech unloaded NerdBux to that sleazeball and it went down.)

    PandaProfits, on the other hand, looks to be a genuine winner. It is run by a respected team of four, all of them having some experience with TimTech, and at least one who has operated her own affiliate program before. Together they have a lot of know-how, and that counts for something. They did a “quiet” launch this past Thanksgiving, and have been growing slowly, and managing the ad inventory very well. PandaProfits just passed the 5,000 member mark a few days ago, and they are being cautious about adding new features. I admire how they are progressing. And I have received two prompt cashouts since I joined in November. So I am really bullish on PandaProfits, and cheering for their continued long-term success.

    In previous posts you have read about my experiences with rented referrals. I rarely rent these days because I find it so difficult to track whether it is profitable or not. (See “Where I Went Wrong” and “Now THAT’s a Hangover!“) If you’ve found a good way to do that, then you have a valuable specialty, my friend, and I’d want to read all about it on your blog!

  7. S.T.Bhagyalakshmi says:

    I think you have given real news.
    Thanks alot

    • Tame Bear says:

      Thanks S.T., I try to be as helpful as I can, by providing a real-world experience that others can learn from in their own PTC business. Best of success to you!

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